Since the news of his passing, Senator John McCain has been warmly remembered by many – and for many things. Perhaps underpublicized – but not underappreciated – is another side of him: the literary side.

Over the years McCain penned a few books including Worth the Fighting For (Random House) and his most recent one, The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations (Simon & Schuster). In Worth the Fighting For, Senator McCain talked about his life from his time in the Navy to his infamous 2000 Presidential run.  In the book he describes how his whole life changed following his return home from captivity after enduring a few years of torture and darkness. His life from there on would be forever different and life changing.

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In his final book, The Restless Wave, McCain reflected on his life, and what mattered to him the most. He turned this book into an inspiring and deeply personal memoir. It was written while he was confronting the illness that would eventually take his life. In this memoir, McCain looks back on his life’s journey with appreciation of his years in the United States Senate, the historic 2008 campaign for the presidency against then fellow Senator Barack Obama, and the missions to promote democracy and human rights in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Within this book McCain, always the fighter, attacks the “spurious nationalism” and political

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climate that have been affecting American policy recently. He makes an impassioned case for democratic internationalism and for all of us to work together in a bipartisan way.

To give us a lesson in bipartisanship, McCain tells stories of the most satisfying moments of his public service, which includes his work with another giant of the Senate, the late Edward Kennedy. He wasn’t shy about recalling his disagreements with several Presidents, and definitely doesn’t leave any words out in his objections to some of the current President’s statements and policies. But at the same time, McCain offers us a positive vision of America that looks beyond the presidency of Donald Trump.

Following the news of his passing, The Restless Wave climbed up the list of bestsellers. According to news reports, the book, which was released in May, was ranked No. 2 on Amazon’s list of bestselling books, and No. 3 on the Barnes & Noble website as of Monday morning. Many are praising the book as being honest, engaging, and well written. Some are saying the book is a final testimony to McCain’s genuine concern for the future of our republic and the West.

The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations is now available to purchase.

Worth the Fighting For is now available for purchase.

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