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AuthorBuzz Giveaway: A Mix of Romance & Tragedy

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Dear Reader,

With thirteen romances under my belt, I was eager to challenge myself to write something with a slightly different rhythm. In a way, stepping into suspense gave me permission to create a world that was more intense than anything I’d written before—more dangerous, more disturbing, and rich with opportunities for my characters to be challenged and grow. The Red Ledger Series, a tale about Tristan Red, an assassin whose newest mark, Isabel Foster, is also a long lost lover, allowed me to do that. I’m giving away five books. Write [email protected] to win!


Dear Reader,

When I first read that Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Long Island magnificent mansion, full of his stained glass and artwork, had burned down in 1957 and no one knew why — I knew there was a novel there!

So I’ve taken a bit of history –everything about the magnificent mansion and Tiffany (the store and the man) — is true. And I’ve added a fictional plot line about Jenny Bell, a 24 year old painter who has a very storied and tragic past.

The book has gotten some great reviews I’m very proud of as well as being chosen as a Indie Next Pick for August. I hope you’ll take a look and enter to win a copy at MJRoseWriter at gmail.com

“A lush, romantic historical mystery…a heroine to root for.” –Kristin Hannah, New York Times bestselling author of The Nightingale

M.J. Rose



Dear Reader,

Do you remember the one who got away?

Rome McGuire only spent one evening with Randi Bryant. She was the sweetest, sexiest girl he’d ever met, and that night she staked a claim on his heart. The next day, wildfire swept through their town. Randi and her family were forced to evacuate, losing everything. They never returned.

Eight years later, Rome spots her at the grocery store. She’s come back for her high school reunion, but she’ll only be in town for the weekend. Now he has two nights. Another chance. This time, he’s not letting her go.

Please write to [email protected] to win one of five copies



Dear Reader,

Chaos is riding again!

Snapper is the quiet brother of the Chaos Motorcycle Club. But when the woman he loves becomes a casualty of an ongoing war, Snap has to go all in to get her to trust him…and his Club.

If you know Chaos, you know they’re not big fans of any woman being used to send a message. This means they’re at Snapper’s back to make Rosalie a part of the Chaos family.

Please write to [email protected] to win one of five copies

Happy reading!



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