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Kristen Proby is no stranger to the romance genre and holds her own as a returning New York Times bestselling author. However, she takes a new direction with the first book in her Romancing Manhattan series, following three brothers who practice law, balance their work with life in New York and of course meet plenty of beautiful fiery women along the way.  All the Way (William Morrow) follows one of these brothers,  the irresistible Finn Cavanaugh and the beautiful and talented London Watson.

London is channeling all of her efforts on physically healing from a tragic fire which gave her a broken leg and cruelly took both of her parents’ lives. As a Broadway actress unable to dance, saddled with no family but a difficult drug addict of a brother, London feels that the world is conspiring against her.

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Finn either. He is left to care for his niece Gabby who is motherless and stirs trouble more times than not. But Finn is patient and has a lot of love to give, qualities that not only shine through his relationship with Gabby, but also appear in developing his relationship with London as well.

Finn plays a prominent role in London’s life, as her romantic interest and lawyer. However, he finds himself struggling to keep a professional distance from his gorgeous client for long. Finn’s attraction to London is instant, and he asks her out right at the start of the story after settling the paperwork for the inheritance from the will of her parents. Understandably, London is still healing from the tragedy at this point (Finn was rather dense to even ask) and has no interest in the date.

London’s character is strong and one that many women can admire as someone who doesn’t need a man attached at her hip constantly to feel fulfilled. Her priority is her own personal fulfillment, making sure she can get back on stage and be independent. However, as London gets to know Finn and Gabby when she retreats from the city to Martha’s Vineyard, she can’t deny her magnetic pull toward Finn, who wants to be much more than a friendly neighbor (can you say convenient)?

However, before London can feel at ease for long, she is pulled into yet another tragedy, still smarting from the last. As a dark family secret is revealed, London’s own resilience and her relationship with Finn are tested to their breaking point and it is all we can do as readers to cross our eyes, legs, and fingers for them to pull through.

This story packs equal parts heat and heart. A steamy love story is layered with a complex look at recovery and relationships (both family and romantic). Reading from alternating perspectives of both Finn and London keeps the story fresh and engaging. All The Way is a book you will have no problem reading in a weekend (maybe on a summer trip to Martha’s Vineyard)!

All the Way will be available to purchase August 21, 2018.

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Kristen Proby was born and raised in a small resort town in her beloved Montana. In her mid-twenties, she decided to stretch her wings and move to the Pacific Northwest, where she made her home for more than a dozen years. During that time, Kristen wrote many romance novels and joined organizations such as RWA and other small writing groups. She spent countless hours in workshops, and more mornings than she can count up before the dawn so she could write before going to work. She submitted many manuscripts to agents and editors alike, but was always told no. In the summer of 2012, the self-publishing scene was new and thriving, and Kristen had one goal: to publish just one book. It was something she longed to cross off of her bucket list. Not only did she publish one book, she’s since published more than thirty titles, many of which have hit the USA Today, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists. She continues to self publish, best known for her With Me In Seattle and Boudreaux series, and is also proud to work with William Morrow, a division of HarperCollins, with the Fusion Series and Romancing Manhattan series. Kristen and her husband, John, make their home in her hometown in Montana with their pug and two cats.