Dear Reader,

In my forties, I woke up one day and realized I had a drinking problem. In Lush, I examine this struggle I had with alcohol, a struggle many middle-aged women face. But, I didn’t get sober. I dealt with the problems behind the drinking and found I could moderate. Called “Beautifully poignant, fiercely funny, and infinitely relatable,” Lush follows my story as I attempted to rediscover awe in my life and leave my regrets—and the bottle—behind.

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Dear reader,

Fans of Louise Penny and her Three Pines residents will feel at home with my whip-smart, quirky, ethical characters who value the strength of their community ties and who treat dogs like part of the family. Help celebrate the fourth book in my Maggie McDonald series by entering to win one of five books I’m giving away to fans of small-town mysteries. Write to me at [email protected] with the title “Disorderly Conduct Giveaway” to throw your name in the ring!

Dear reader,

In writing Gilded Summers, I wanted to peel back all the opulence and magnificence of the mansions of Newport, and those who lived in them, to reveal the hedonism and bigotry that resided in them as well. Through the life of Pearl, one of the ‘set’, and Ginevra, an Italian immigrant working as a servant in Pearl’s ‘cottage,’ we experience what life was like for women when the world and the millennia was changing. The good and the bad and what they were willing to do to make their dreams come true.

I hope you find the book entertaining and inspiring.

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