Would you walk away from your marriage in order to save it? That is the question at the heart of my new novel The Intermission, about a husband and wife who spend six months living separate lives on opposite coasts in order to reflect on the life they’ve built and whether it’s what they both really want.

I chose to tell the story from the perspectives of the husband and wife, providing a “he said, she said” account of the marriage, where each party has something to hide.  Will their intermission save their marriage? You’ll have to read to find out.

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I am so excited for you to read my next book, River to Redemption, where one young woman must stand up for freedom—and perhaps find her own in the process. This story is partly based on a true story. My publisher is giving away 5 copies, email them at [email protected] for a chance to win!
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The Subway Girls, a fast-paced and satisfying story of two strong and ambitious women, is rooted in thefascinating history of the NYC Miss Subways beauty contest.

The novel follows two storylines: 1949’s Charlotte competes in Miss Subways. And 2018’s Olivia learns about Miss Subways while doing research for an advertising pitch. Their narratives intersect as both women pursue their dreams and follow their hearts professionally and personally.

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Imagine being the best friend of Abraham Lincoln, long before he became the most famous man in U.S. history. As a trial lawyer, I’ve always been fascinated with rough justice on the untamed American frontier. Then I discovered the adventures of the young Lincoln and his real-life roommate, a well-born Southerner named Joshua Speed. In my Lincoln & Speed Mystery series, the two men, joined by Speed’s spirited younger sister, team up to solve mysteries from Lincoln’s legal cases.

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