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Harwood-Jones’ Journey Filled With LGBTQ Life Lessons

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Happy Pride Month!

June was chosen as Pride Month to celebrate and commemorate the Stonewall riots in 1969, when the police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar, and sparked what turned into days of clashes and riots between the police, and members of the LGBTQAI community. The riots are largely considered to have been the defining moment that brought the fight for gay rights into the modern era. Pride parades, first started in 1970, the year after the riots, now take place across the world.

Because at BookTrib we’re all about books and literature, we have one of our favorite interviews to share with you this month! Markus Harwood-Jones is coming out with two companion books this August: Romeo for Realand Just Julian, both modern adaptions of  Shakespeare’s Romeo and Julietbut updated to the 21st Century, with a gay love story between Romeo and Julian. In addition to these book, Harwood-Jones also self-published two story collections: Confessions of a Teenage Transsexual Whore and Everything & All at Once.

Here, he talks with us about his writing process, what inspired him to tell stories, his experiences as a trans man, and more.

Romeo for Real and Just Julian will be available for purchase on August 1st. 

For more information on Pride Parades happening near you, click here. 


MARKUS HARWOOD-JONES is a writer, visual artist and documentary filmmaker. He has self-published the short story collections Confessions of a Teenage Transsexual Whore and Everything & All at Once. His feature film, Mosaic, tells the story of his journey across Canada and the United States to learn more about the trans community. He lives in Toronto. For more information, visit starkisscreations.com

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