A well-known actress from both stage and screen, Marcia Gay Harden tells the story of her life in the context of memories she has with her mother in her memoir, The Seasons of My Mother (Atria). Their close relationship is so beautiful and all the more painful as her mother’s memory fades from the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. But their bond is unbreakable and based on love, and due to the progression of the disease and the author’s fear that all would be forgotten, it became imperative that stories were recorded.

Remembering the past with family and friends is how we all stay connected, and I applaud Harden for writing this book honoring her mother, her wisdom, advise, strengths and hobbies in this loving tribute, so her mother can be known and connected to her children, grandchildren and those that come after, and the memories are never forgotten.

This memoir struck a chord with me, as my father is living with dementia. Although our situations are different, I know from experience that this disease hits hard, stealing memory little by little until there is no recollection of people, language, of how to get dressed, how to eat, really anything at all… it is truly devastating for family and friends to see the person they know and love and not be recognized or acknowledged.

Marcia Gay Harden says, “In this book, I do for my mother what she can no longer do. I remember.” I enjoyed getting a glimpse into Marcia Gay Harden’s life and background, and witnessing though stories their powerful mother-daughter relationship. This memoir is an incredibly powerful read, and brings attention to just how important it is for us to remember and value the time that we have with each other.

The Seasons of My Mother is now available for purchase.


Photograph © Larsen&Talbert

Marcia Gay Harden is an actress of the stage, screen, and television. She is also an author, an advocate for Alzheimer’s research, a gardener, and a potter. She lives in Los Angeles and New York with her three children, two cats, and a dog. The fish stays in LA. Learn more from TheOfficialMarciaGayHarden.com and follow her on

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