“I Really Didn’t Think This Through” by Artist Beth Evans is Poignant and Relatable

Every so often there comes a book that might be a little bit out of the ordinary, but that we just have to tell you about anyway. This month, that book is I Really Didn’t Think This Through, by Beth Evans.

Evans is actually an Instagram illustrator and comic artist, whose work perfectly captures those little idiosyncrasies of life that you know happen to everyone, but are just so hard to describe. Her book not only features some of her artistry, but reads as a part self-help and advice book, and part memoir. Humorous, poignant and introspective, Evans covers every bit of life in her book, from taxes, cleaning, and the special hell that is LinkedIn, to asking for help, relationships, and the internet.

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Evans herself has gone through problems with depression, OCD, and anxiety, but instead of the typical message of self-help books that reads like your own, personal cheerleader, Evans acknowledges that this is hard, it might not be solved right away, or even anytime soon, but also that that is okay.

The book is really about embracing the imperfections that make up who we are as people, even when we feel like we’re the only ones who are going through certain things. Above all, this book is relatable: for those of us who aren’t quite sure we’re ready to be adults, while the rest of the world is telling us that we already are, Beth Evans is something of a hero. Introspective, heartbreaking, relatable and hilarious, I Really Didn’t Think This Through is a memoir and advice book that everyone should take the time to read.

I Really Didn’t Think This Through: Tales From My So-Called Life is now available for purchase.


Photo © Beth Evans

Beth Evans is an illustrator and comic artist with more than 270,000 followers across various social media platforms. She likes keeping up on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr as a means to share her insightful humor with the world. Beth lives in the Chicago area and enjoys wearing oversize pajamas while drawing comics that capture hard-to-describe feelings on a daily basis. She is the illustrator for Breaking Mad by Anna Williamson, which hit #1 on Amazon UK. Her work has appeared across media outlets from HuffPost to Buzzfeed to MSNBC.

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