In 2013, Sean Tuohy met Daniel Ford at a Halloween party and they immediately hit it off. The Writer’s Bone podcast wasn’t born on that exact night, but they were able to discuss some of their favorite things like writing, screenwriting, books, movies, comedy, and comic books. Daniel and Sean feel that they are in the middle of something very big and wonderful and BookTrib is happy to be a partner in this endeavor. 
Author Yang Huang talks to Daniel Ford about her short story collection My Old Faithful.

To learn more about Yang Huang, visit her official website, like her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter @yangwrites.
Join the author for a book launch party! On April 10th at The Bindery in San Francisco, from 7:30 to 9:00PM, there will be food, wine and Yang Huang will be interviewed with Empire of Glass author Kaitlin Solimine. Click on the link here for more information. 

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