Meet the Author! American War’s Omar El Akkad on Books, Writing and Advice

Photo: © Michael Lionstar

America, 2075 is the brink of what will be a second Civil War. War zones, refugee camps and drones circling the sky are life as most know it. Enter Sarat Chestnur.

Sarat is just seven years old when her family iis shipped off to Camp Patience, following her father’s death There, she soon finds that some people are not who they claim to be – and under the guidance of her new mysterious friend, Sarat herself might become something unrecognizable.

A national bestsellerAmerican War is a keenly written exploration of the mind that asks, What would happen if America turned its own weapons on itself?”

In an interview with Penguin Random House through their “Mee the Author series, the Omar El Akkad talks about what second civil war would look like today or in the future, the book that impacted him the most and what advice he would give to debut authors.

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