Everyone has been touched by cancer whether it be a personal battle or that of a friend or family member.  It is human nature to want to help but it is also in our nature to be unsure as to what actually is helpful. Survivor and author Peter Green is all too familiar with this predicament.

Green was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2005, and immediately started chemotherapy. As someone who frequently competed in triathlons, he was left shaken by how weak the treatment made him feel. This is what first inspired him to go looking for a form of exercise that increased blood circulation and worked the muscles without exhausting the body. Today, Green is in remission and has started Workout Through Cancer, a company that provides a guide and equipment for the workouts he found that best helped him regain strength not only during treatment, but in recovery as well.

He is also author of the book My Cancer Journey: From Discovery to Recoverywhich details not only his experiences of this journey, but includes an exercise program as well. Green stopped by BookTrib for a chat and demonstration of his new Workout Through Cancer kit.

Read a preview of My Cancer Journey below.

For more information on Workout Through Cancer, visit their website at workoutthroughcancer.com


Peter Green, founder of “Workout Through Cancer,” is a native of Westport, Connecticut. After attending Seattle University, he spent two years with the Peace Corps in West Africa. Later, he launched a successful career in print and digital media with McGraw Hill, Institutional Investor magazine, and Weather.com. He’s back living in his hometown with his wife, Mary, and two dogs, Max and Louie, and is the proud father of a grown son, Benjamin.

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