Barbara Bush: Requiem for a First Lady

This weekend, America said a final goodbye to the First Lady in pearls.  Barbara Bush was laid to rest during a funeral service that took place at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston, TX.  The church was the spiritual home of President and Mrs. Bush since they came back home from the White House in 1993. The service was a simple but beautiful affair that was attended by dignitaries from all over the world including First Lady Melania Trump, The Clintons, the Obamas, and other presidential families.  Mrs. Bush carefully planned all the details of her service before she passed away, from the music, to the speakers.

Many First Ladies brought to the White House their own sense of style, dignity, and personality. While in office, many have championed different important causes that were very dear to them. They brought numerous issues out in front to the public, even some that were never discussed before. They weren’t afraid to talk about the controversial issues, and weren’t going to let anyone stop them from talking about it. They used their power and influence to help others in need. Lady Bird Johnson was for the environment, Betty Ford was honest about her struggle with addiction and breast cancer diagnosis, Nancy Reagan was deeply involved in the anti-drug movement with her famous slogan “Just Say No”, Hillary Clinton was for health care reform, Michelle Obama was for nutrition and education, and Laura Bush was for education and women’s rights.  Each First Lady made history in their own way, apart from their husbands, the President.

While she was serving our country as First Lady, Barbara Bush was deeply involved in the cause of promoting literacy across the country.  She wanted to make sure that children had the tools necessary in order to read, write, and comprehend. She urged all of us to roll up our sleeves, and to get involved in service to our neighbors and our nation.

After leaving office, many of the First Ladies continued to stay involved with politics and their charitable works. The work for them didn’t stop when they left the White House. It continued so that they could inspire many generations to make a difference in society. They even wrote books mostly detailing their time in the White House, and their lives before becoming First Lady of the United States. In each book, they found a way to spread their message of service to our fellow citizens and to the country. Michelle Obama has a book coming out later this year called Becoming. It should be a very interesting read from one of the most inspirational First Ladies in recent history.

We, as a nation, mourn the loss of Mrs. Bush, but she will leave behind a legacy that helped make our country stronger, kinder, and gentler than it was before.  A grateful nation bids its farewell to this iconic woman, and she will be forever missed but not forgotten.  Mrs. Bush, rest in peace!

Books written by First Ladies of the United States

Barbara Bush: A Memoir
Becoming, Michelle Obama
What Happened, Hillary Rodham Clinton
My Turn: The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan
First Lady from Plains, Rosalynn Carter

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