WWII Drama, the Romanov Family and a Deadly Mystery

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Dear Reader,

The Silent Woman takes place during the summer of 1937. King Edward had abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson, and Adolf Hitler was building planes and conscripting an army—in violation of the Treaty of Versailles—with barely a hint of this activity being reported in the newspapers. England was headed to war, but her citizens didn’t know it. An interesting time, indeed! My hope is The Silent Woman will transport you back to this tumultuous time for Britain and for the world. I’m giving away five copies of The Silent Woman.


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The Silent Woman

Dear Reader,

Did one of the Tsar’s children survive the 1918 massacre at Ekaterinburg?

In 2002, Deputy Sheriff Roo Yoder hunts for a hundred-year old treasure and a killer when his high school friend, a financier, is murdered. The only clue-a fragment of a 1900’s share certificate-worth a fortune if the other half can be found. In Baku, he discovers his great uncle’s connection to the Romanovs during the revolution and a clue leading to the treasure.

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Dear Reader,

Sometimes, going home can be deadly.

In Worth Killing For, a crime reporter must team up with her conman father to decipher whether a stranger, vowing he’s the brother she lost in a child abduction case, is who he claims to be, or if it’s a trap to ensure the many sins of her father are paid in full this time.

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Jane Haseldine


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