Of Pets and Matrimony: Nancy Balbirer’s ‘A Marriage In Dog Years’

Courtesy of YouTube.

Author Nancy Balbirer takes us with her on the rocky journey of life as we see her joy-filled marriage once abuzz with hope and the blossoming of dreams fizzle when her beloved, terminally-ill beagle, Ira, struggles to live.

From LA to NYC, single to married with a child, from puppy to old dog, and dreams of second chances, so much of life’s ups and downs happen and  Balbirer keeps you laughing through your tears.

A Marriage in Dog Years is a touchingly true story told with honesty and humor. Balbirer skillfully writes emotion into her work, stirring up the different feelings of love, anger, forgiveness and hope – all in her unique voice. Balbirer’s story is reminiscent of Sarah Jessica Parker’s hit show, Divorce on HBO – the good, the bad and the ugly truth about the slow death of a marriage, a complex relationship crumbling with regrets and the infusion of hope that peace will prevail and a brighter future is on the horizon. Add actual puppy love – unconditional and unwavering mutual support and devotion in man’s/woman’s best friend – as a bonus, and you have a one-of-a-kind take on an all too familiar situation.

If you love love, and love your pet, this emotional ride is for you!

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Nancy Balbirer is a writer and performer of stage and screen. She is the author of Take Your Shirt Off and Cry. She lives in Los Angeles with her family.