When the wealthy, charming lawyer, Benjamin Silver, suddenly dies at a marathon, he leaves behind a gorgeous wife Georgia, a soul mate for many years, two daughters, Nicola and Louisa, and an empty bank account.

The latter turns out to be as shocking as Ben’s untimely death, maybe even more. How on earth did this wealthy man who owned a law practice, an apartment on Central Park South, a house at the beach, many club memberships, and an envious wardrobe of suits and electronics end up penurious? Georgia, the stunning wife with a sculpted nose that inspires many surgeons, is only a little perplexed until she finds out her sizable inheritance, the trust funds for her daughters and her house at the beach, and basically, her Manhattan elite life style with reliable servants and income is gone as well.

In the aftermath of the unimaginable financial blow, the three women, accustomed to the lifestyle which they can no longer afford, struggle to find their footing and a new meaning in their life – with wise and unwise solutions. Servants are dismissed, the beach house is put on sale, and Georgia, for the first time, takes charge of her life as she looks into her late husband’s deceptive past. Nicola, her adopted Korean girl, quits her French culinary dalliance and finds a job as a jewelry salesman, while Louisa, the dark horse of the family, faces a real personal life-or-death crisis that can easily breaks a delicate mind.

Life shall go on, even with an empty bank account. Can the three women discover a path for their future and prove their own worth? You’ll find out, but for now, all I can say is what the women found about themselves, the strength they demonstrated, and the bond they built amount to great wealth they can embrace and relish for ever.

Koslow’s writing is charming, insightful, and stylish. The novel is peppered with humorous, vivid descriptions; for instance, when Georgia describes her aging mother, Koslow writes, “Once well-toned, a star tennis player, my mother looks as though she’s been put in the washing machine on a steam cycle and has emerged shrunken, creased, and limp.” Funny dialogue and witty repartees between Georgia and her brother’s partner and others also made me laugh out loud.

The Widow Waltz sparkles with wit and wonder, rich with insights and humor. This is an entertaining, amusing book that many readers can enjoy, with or without a sizable bank account.



The Widow Waltz is Sally Koslow’s fourth novel. Her next book is historical: Another Side of Paradise, (Harper, May 29, 2018), in which Sally brings to life the tender yet tumultuous story of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Hollywood affair with the Gatsby-esque Sheilah Graham, a gossip columnist and scrappy self-invention. Her books have been translated into a dozen languages. She lives in Manhattan but hopes the statute of limitations never ends on bragging that she was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota.