It’s Valentine’s Day and if you haven’t gotten that special gift for your significant other, it’s not too late! Forget the conventional chocolates and teddy bears, the book lover in your life will appreciate something more creative, inspired by the authors and literature they love. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of last minute gifts that will look like you’ve had love on your mind 24/7, 365:

Quidditch Couple Mugs

For all those Harry Potter loving couples, this pair of mugs is the ultimate romantic gift.

Literary Chocolate Bars

Image courtesy of Etsy

Sweet and delicious, give the gift of chocolate this year – with a literary twist of course!

One Question a Day Journal

One Question a Day for You & Me challenges couples to learn more about each other with thought-provoking questions that are bound to deepen any relationship.

Game of Thrones Popup Card

Image courtesy of Lovepop Cards

Cards are customary on Valentine’s Day, but this pop-up Game of Thrones themed Weirwood tree takes things to a whole new level.

Poe Inspired Print

Image courtesy of Etsy

We can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t be thrilled to get this graphic print inspired by a quote from Edgar Allen Poe.

The Little Book of Love

Written by the author of The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran’s The Little Book of Love combines poetry, original artwork, and his reflections on friendship and love.

Literary Candle

Image courtesy of Etsy

There’s nothing better than that musty old book scent, and thankfully with this literary-themed candle, your Valentine can smell it all the time!

The Princess Bride Tote

Image courtesy of Litographs

The Princess Bride is one of the most romantic books ever, which makes this graphic tote by Litographs the perfect literary Valentine’s Day gift.

Fitzgerald Valentine’s Card

Image courtesy of Etsy

For an even-more romantic card option, you can’t go wrong with a heartfelt quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Fifty Shades of Chicken

Chicken has never looked so sexy. Part parody and part cookbook, Fifty Shades of Chicken is a delicious – and hilarious – take on Fifty Shades of Grey that will keep you laughing (and well-fed).

Heartbeat Tee

Remind your Valentine how close books are to their heart with this literary heartbeat tee.

What I Love About You

This adorable book allows you to customize each page, letting your Valentine know exactly how and why you love them.

Literary Soap

Image courtesy of Etsy

Your Valentine will always smell great with literary-themed soap (we’re especially partial to the Oscar Wilde-inspired Strawberry Champagne!).

Vase Bookends

Help your Valentine have the classiest bookshelf around with vase bookends. Bonus points if you provide the fresh flowers!

The Lonely Hearts Club

This collection of poems and journal entries by Kyle Matthew Del Pierro focuses on a year of searching for love, and the joy, heartbreak, and love that comes with it. A thoughtful gift for a Valentine who loves an honest love story.

Harry Potter Socks

Image courtesy of Etsy

How cute are these Harry Potter socks? They’re the perfect gift for the Valentine who dreams of going to Hogwarts themselves (and honestly, who doesn’t?).

Neruda Love Print

Image courtesy of Etsy

Pablo Neruda is the master of the love poem, and this print of Sonnet XVII is bound to charm any Valentine.

Still Me

Jojo Moyes returns to the world of her beloved character Louisa Clark, who readers first fell in love with in the beautifully romantic Me Before You. Fans of Moyes (or any lover of a well-told story) will be thrilled to receive Still Me, the story of Clark’s latest adventure in New York City.

 Jane Eyre Necklace

Image courtesy of Etsy

The most iconic quote from Jane Eyre is also the most romantic. Gift it to your Valentine, and they can wear it close to their heart forever.

Love Coupons

Image courtesy of Etsy

Sure, love coupons might be a bit of a Valentine’s Day cliche, but this charming book looks way more polished than the ones we usually make out of post-it-notes. Plus it’s customizable!

A Literary Feast

Any lover of books will be thrilled to try out the literary-themed recipes in A Literary Feast, by Jennifer Barclay.

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

Get both you and your Valentine in the mood with a steamy rewatch of the movie based on the bestselling book series by EL James.

Always Bracelet

Image courtesy of Etsy

After all this time? Always. The most romantic quote in Harry Potter is now a bracelet, and the perfect gift for the fantasy lover in your life.

How to Stop Time

Matt Haig’s novel is fun and romantic, telling the story of an immortal man who falls in love despite all of his best efforts not too.

Literary Matchbooks

Image courtesy of Etsy

Strike a fire in your date’s heart with these literary-themed Valentine’s Day matches.

Treat Yo Shelf Pin

Image courtesy of Etsy

For the Valentine who loves both puns and Parks & Rec, then this pin in a must-buy.

Mr. Darcy Card

Image courtesy of Etsy

If you have as much trouble as expressing yourself as Mr. Darcy, then why not use his own words this Valentine’s Day? Gift the most restrained of emotions with this original and graphic card. 

The Light We Lost

Called the epic love story of 2017 by Redbook, Jill Santopolo’s The Light We Lost is a romantic and honest tale of love that’s sure to appeal to that special reader in your life.

Shakespeare Print

No one wrote romance quite like Shakespeare, so celebrate his way with words with a minimalistic but heartfelt print.

50 Ways to Say I Love You

If you’re having trouble finding your own words this Valentine’s Day, then look to 50 Ways to Say I Love You, a collection of love quotes and sayings that all speak straight from the heart.

Literary Sweatshirt

Image courtesy of Etsy

Who doesn’t love a good Valentine’s Day pun? For those fun couples who still want to get ‘lit,’ then this is the sweatshirt for you.

Text Me When You Get Home


Sometimes the best Valentines are your friends, and Kayleen Schaefer captures that celebration of female friendship in her new book, Text Me When You Get Home. A perfect gift for the gal pals in your life!



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