Express Yourself: Literary Valentines for Every Kind of Reader

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s that day of the year that many of us buy flowers, chocolates, and and maybe even make some romantic plans. All you need to complete your February 14th is the perfect card. You’re in luck! We’ve dreamed up and designed some adorable literary valentines to give to your friends, family, and maybe even a beau or two. Whether you want to say it with a Dementor’s kiss or make your best friend giggle with an ISBN joke, we’ve got the perfect card to express yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Express your love and your love of books with this sweet design.

This is perfect for the friend in your life with some moxie.

We think this is the perfect way to send a hint to a cute or friendly bookworm in your life.

This one says: You’re timeless.

They say not to judge a book by its cover. But sometimes, the cover art is just that good.

We recommend this valentine for the wizard who is still waiting for their Hogwarts letter.

This card is perfect for that special someone who makes bad days into good ones.

Give this Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda-inspired card to the person at the top of your list.

Maybe you’re in love with a person, maybe you’re in love with a book. We won’t judge.

This Warcross card is perfect for your favorite gamer.

Eloisa James superfans, this one’s for the Lord Alaric Wilde in your life.


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