In this turbulent political climate, we all have a sharp eye on Congress as they shape national policies that will affect us all for years to come.  But, with all that hard work, we worry about what about how they’re reading in their downtime. We hope that our leaders are prolific readers, turning to literature for answers and insights, but since we can’t get a look at their bookshelves with our own eyes, we are left to imagine what reads they turn to when bargaining across party lines becomes too much to handle. Here are the books we like to think members of Congress cozy up to on weekends:

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Michael Wolff

Wolff’s comprehensive and unflattering portrait of our current president might be a sore subject for the current White House administration, but there’s no denying that it’s packed full of eye-opening information about the first nine months of Trump’s presidency. Wolff takes readers behind the scenes, offering an investigative account of what’s really going on with Trump and his administration. From why James Comey was truly fired to Wolff’s take on Trump’s psychology, Fire and Fury will keep you riveted – and most likely horrified – from beginning to end. We’re sure that most of Congress has already read this jaw-dropping account, and if they haven’t yet, they definitely should.

The RBG Workout, Bryant Johnson

As the oldest member of the Supreme Court, you might think that Ruth Bader Ginsburg likes to take it easy in her downtime. You would be wrong. Her workout is no joke, turns out, with planks, push-ups, cardio and more. This helpful guide, written by RBG’s personal trainer, includes instructions and illustrations of the iconic Supreme Court Justice completing her twice-weekly workout. If the current members of Congress want to stay healthy enough to keep getting elected, they’d be wise to take a page from The RBG Workout.

You Can’t Spell American Without ME, Alec Baldwin & Kurt Andersen

Sometimes it’s all so ridiculous, you just have to laugh. Enter: You Can’t Spell American Without ME, a satirical take on Trump’s early days in office. Based heavily on Alec Baldwin’s brilliant SNL portrayal of the president, the book is a fictionalized memoir told in Trump’s very unique voice. This is the book we see Congress passing surreptitiously around the rows, hiding in their binders, and laughing over when it all gets to be too much.

Everybody Lies, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

If everyone is lying, it can’t be so bad right? (Yes, yes it can.) But this new read isn’t only about how we all lie. Author Stephens-Davidowitz highlights how much data is available to us these days, and how the internet provides more information about our society than we’ve ever had access to before. He dives deep into the data itself, providing real world insight into how we live, how we lie, and so much more. Packed full of information about our current cultural climate, Everybody Lies will open your eyes to certain realities about our world, as well as how that data affects us on a daily basis. Sometimes it feels like our politicians are so far removed from how people really live and think, that we certainly hope they all have a copy of Everybody Lies on their shelves.

A Higher Loyalty, James Comey

It’s time to hear from the man himself. We can’t imagine that Comey is everyone’s favorite person in Congress, but there’s no denying how important his impact has been as the former director of the FBI. From Hillary Clinton’s emails to Trump’s ties to Russia, Comey investigated it all. This memoir is an in-depth look of his time on the job, spanning from 2013-2017. More than just a straightforward account of his work, Comey looks beyond the job as well, analyzing what it means to be a leader and a protector. We’re sure that most members of Congress have already preordered A Higher Loyalty – whether they’d be willing to admit it or not.

Together We Rise, the Women’s March Organizers and Conde Nast

If this book isn’t on the shelf of every member of Congress, it definitely should be. Not only was the Women’s March a defining, record-shattering moment in history, it was also the start of a modern social movement that has women across the world pushing to have their voices heard. Together We Rise is a collection of essays and photographs about the march itself, and the impact that it has already had on our society. You’ll hear from the organizers of the march, from writers and activists who participated and were moved by what they saw. Both an insider look at the event and a further call to action, this book combines photographs and personal stories to give you a deeper understanding of why women felt the need to come together in the first place.


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