Second Chance at Love: How a New Man Turned a Writer’s Nightmare into A Dream Come True

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My whole life I dreamed of what it would feel like to fall in love. Listening to love songs and watching romantic movies as a teenager, I was excited to find my own love story. But the realities of my society slammed hard in my face. I was told that I had to chose someone that would be able to support me properly, someone who was from the same social class as me (or higher), and someone I could get along with. Whether we were in love or not, was immaterial.

Over the years, I would look at people on the streets: I saw happy couples holding hands, hugging each other or even giving each other a peck on the lips. Such simple common gestures were so far away from my reality. I felt alone and empty in my marriage. The man I had married, well, He Never Deserved Me.

Meeting Lucca turned my life upside down. I never saw it coming and it hit me like a runaway train. We slowly got to know each other and we both realized how good we were for each other. I was happy that I was finally experiencing love for the first time. That someone I loved loved me back the same way was a revelation.

What we have found in each other is exceptional. Not only do we have a connection at the soul level but we experience a physical chemistry that is nothing short of explosive.

It doesn’t always work that way for a couple. That we have found both qualities in each other is incredible. We are able to open up to each other and share our deepest secrets. But most importantly, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with each other. And that has made us even closer.

Aside from having a strong bond of friendship, our sex life is out of this world. Before meeting him, I had no experience other than the coldness and the selfishness of my ex-husband. But when it’s explosive, you just know. Experience is not necessary to know that what you have is out of this world. His touch on my skin is enough to ignite me and I have this exact effect on him. The best part is that sometimes we laugh during sex; we realize how lucky we have been to have found each other. We loved to play and see how to make it more fun in bed. We liked to constantly learn what we both enjoy and we feel free but especially safe to try it. Our bodies are always in synch. We listen to each other’s breaths, to our bodies. We understand each other’s desires and give each other what we need.

Every aspect of our relationship blows my mind. He is a man of small loving gestures, he constantly compliments the way I look, the way I am, my smile makes his face light up. I know that I should never ever take what we have for granted and I never will. We make each other extremely happy and ultimately that’s what is important.

With him I feel like I have come home. I know that people easily throw this phrase around, but I have truly experienced what this is like. I know that he loves me and that he will never hurt me. To be able to trust a man, like I trust him, means the world to me.

I honestly believe that every experience and every painful moment in my life was worth it, because they led me to him.


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Ariana Mansour (A pseudonym) is a Middle Eastern novelist, who tells the story of her marriage and how she battled psychological abuse while fighting the laws of her country to keep her son from being taken away. Her story inspires women to stand up for themselves.

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