If you haven’t read the short by Kristen Roupenian, ‘Cat Person,’ which just went viral last week, you absolutely have to. Many women find themselves relating to her story, which is why the author sold her collection of short stories so that everyday people will get to experience her truthful writing with an impact, again and again! As you eagerly await the short story collection, there are some other novels being released in the upcoming weeks that follow women’s lives and honest subjects we never knew we needed to learn about until now, inclusive to all women: Black women, transgender, and gay. We all understand the importance and impact of feminism in our lives. Here are 10 feminist novels that will forever change the way you look at society, and why they are leaving an impact:

Starving in Search of Me, Marissa LaRocca, Feb 1

Starving in Search of Me Marissa LaRocca tells us everything we need to know about what it’s like to struggle with an eating disorder in today’s society, from her own view. However, this self-help book takes things one step further, as she talks about sexuality and how she evolved into an advocate for gay rights and women’s health issues – which we could all learn a thing or two from.

The Body is Not an Apology, Sonya Renee Taylor, Feb 13

The Body is Not an Apology

The Body is Not an Apology helps us recollect with our origins and find strength in ourselves an the way we see our bodies. For many women who struggle with self-love and confidence, this is a book you won’t be able to put down.

Brave, Rose McGowan, Jan 30

Brave Rose McGowan

Born in a cult, Rose McGowan thought she had escaped the life she left behind until she reentered a new type of cult: Hollywood. Stardom, full of constant exposure and sexualization, couldn’t keep her silent, and now she tells all in her Brave story. This bravery is what we all need to hear in a time where we are told to keep silent.

A Girl’s Guide to Joining the Resistance, Emma Gray, Feb 27

A Girl's Guide to Joining the Resistance

Ever since the 2016 election, you may have been fearful of the things you see and hear on the news. This helpful guide is good for any woman who wants to find out how to get the best news information and instructions on how to stay involved in today’s times.

The Little Book of Feminist Saints, Julia Pierpont & Manjitt Thapp, March 6

The Little Book of Feminist Saints

When a New York Times bestselling writer and a renowned illustrator come together to create a collection of feminist saints, it becomes a must-buy for all. From Maya Angelou to Eleanor Roosevelt, we see the impact various women made on our lives through history. This novel gives you many women to look up to in your daily life.

Text Me When You Get Home, Kayleen Schaefer, Feb 6

Text Me When You Get HomeFemale friendships are evolving into something we love in America, with friends who want to protect us. Told from a journalist’s perspective, Kayleen Schaefer shows perspectives of women from across the world, from historians to creators of iconic films and how friendships play an important role in our lives. If you love your female friends and want to understand how friendships are forever changing, this book is for you.

Eloquent Rage, Brittney Cooper, Feb 20

Eloquent Rage Brittney Cooper

Anger is necessary in a time where Black women are constantly silenced. In this novel, you will find out why you never have to settle for less and why you, too, are a hero to many in your life. Black feminists rejoice!

Some of Our Favorites You Can Buy Now

Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay

Bad Feminist Roxane Gay 

Roxane Gay teaches us again and again what it means to be a woman, which is why we look up to her. Her novel upholds the test of time and takes us on a journey of being a woman of color and living in today’s times where many social issues are prevalent, from abortion to Chris Brown. Funny and insightful, we can’t give it up – and invite you to look at the reality of feminism today.

Hunger, Roxane Gay

Hunger Roxane Gay

Once again, New York Times bestselling author Roxane Gay hits us with a more personal and moving memoir about the anxiety and turmoil she experienced as she battled for her own health and self-care. For women who struggle with weight and self-image, Roxane Gay brings a new view to these matters in a way that will make you find comfort.

The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan

The Feminine Mystique

This is a novel that truly takes on the test of time, as it is already over 50 years old. Betty Friedan explored how women could reclaim their lives during a time when the average woman was marrying in her teens or dropping out of college to marry. As times change and feminism still leaves a lasting impact, we can look up to her words and still learn from this book written in history.


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