AuthorBuzz: Murder on the Open Seas, Immortal Kings, and More!

1001 Dark Nights Dragon BurnI love dragons. I love Scotland. And I love that I get to bring you stories about immortal Dragon Kings who are Highlanders. It’s always great fun to see what exploits the Dragon Kings will find themselves in. It’s almost as much fun as watching the strong women who fall in love with them Donna Grantalong the way. So grab your cappuccino and something sweet to curl up in a comfy spot and see what happens when a Dragon King clashes with an Ice Queen.

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Hunter Killer David PoyerIf you enjoy sea stories, military fiction, or thrillers, I think you’ll like Hunter Killer. It’s a great introduction to my work, continuing the story of a world war with the US and our allies pitted against China, North Korea, and Iran. Publisher’s Weekly says “Intense and bloody only begin to David Poyerdescribe the realism of the combat scenes.”

Captain David Poyer is the most popular living author of American sea fiction. His work has been required reading at Annapolis. More on him at


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