They’re Baaaack!: 5 Books for Fans of TV’s Favorite Fake Psychic

Hey, Psych-O’s, they’re baaaack! Yes, the whole gang (almost) is back tomorrow night on USA in their first made-for-television movie, Psych the Movie. Since going off the air three years ago, there has been talk that Shawn, Gus, Woody, Lassie, Juliet, Chief Vick and Henry would return for a series of one-off TV movies, possibly even a feature film, but until now, it was just talk – until now.  The 2-hour film will have a holiday theme and will still feature all of the quips and pop culture references that made the show famous.

Psych premiered on USA Network in 2006 and was the highest basic U.S. cable premiere that year.  The show, a detective procedural comedy about fake psychic detective Sean Spencer and his best friend and partner Burton “Gus” Guster, who use their powers of observation to solve crimes as consultants to the Santa Barbara PD, has since become a cult classic with a large following. It is also a fan-fav at Comic Con and had made 80’s geek-chic a trend in the new millennium!

While we are happy to see the band back together, there will be one member we won’t see as much of as we were hoping. We will miss series regular, Carlton Lassiter (aka “Lassie”), played by veteran actor Tim Omundson who suffered a stroke at the beginning of production. Omundson made a full recovery and the producers have hinted we may be seeing more of Lassie in the future, but his presence will be felt in one newly-filmed scene and a series of reflections from the show’s eight seasons. To fill this void and remain true to the show’s premise guest stars who made frequent appearances throughout the series, like John Cena (WWE) and Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid), will make cameos.

This is the TV movie Psych-O’s (fans of the USA dramedy) have been waiting for, since saying goodbye to our favorite show and it’s endless 80’s references. The series wrapped up in 2014 and has been running in syndication on ION Television since 2012. Spoiler (sort of): expect a surprise ending to the movie that sets the stage for a possible sequels to appear every year or to, according to the show’s producers!

If you just can’t wait until tomorrow or you need a literary Psych fix, check out these five books based on the series. There are links to buy and to read previews of the books below.


Books for Psych-o’s Inspired by the TV Series, Psych


Catch a trailer for Psych the Movie on USA airing December 7, 2017 at 8:00pm EST:

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