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Are you one of the many e-readers who has enlisted in Kindle Unlimited‘s service for your Kindle? If you didn’t already know, this awesome service is a way for you to access a wide variety of titles from the Kindle Store, many of them being free. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you may be looking for a new novel that will put you in a Thanksgiving mood with the upcoming holiday right around the corner! Luckily for you, we have suggestions for some awesome Thanksgiving-related novels that will surely give you something to look forward to:

The Good Neighbor, Judith Hudson

The Good Neighbor Judith Hudson

Frankie has a rich and overbearing father who she doesn’t see or speak to anymore, but that doesn’t stop him from sending her a check every month (which she proceeds to rip up because she feels as if she can handle life on her own). When Sean Murphy moves into the cabin beside her own, she can’t help but see him in the same light as her father, but yet she holds a soft spot for him. What happens when Sean wants Frankie to be a part of her father’s life and Frankie has to make a very important decision that could change everything for her? This novel, set in the cold months right around the time of Thanksgiving, will put you in an exciting mood as you follow the thrill of Frankie’s life and the father she left behind.

All Roads, Holly Schindler

All Roads Holly Schindler

Louisa has lived her life on edge since her sister went missing twenty years ago. However, twenty years into present time, Louisa stares her twin sister in the face right around the time of Thanksgiving. Louisa wonders if her sister, Jesse, is really who she says she is and if it’s a miracle come true. This story, filled with mystery and hope, keeps you on edge and touches the heart at the very same time.

We Brake for Pie, Tifani Clark

We Brake for Pie Tifani Clark

Miriam is planning on coming home for Thanksgiving because she’s homesick and, let’s face it, who doesn’t love being with family for Thanksgiving? But what happens when a storm keeps her flight from taking her back to her roots and her landlord decides to help drive her to her destination? Her passion for a dreamy landlord turns into horror when she realizes that he’s invited all the crazy tenants from the building to come along! Quirky and heartwarming in the way that it teaches you a very important lesson, this is one that you can’t put down.

Three Times the Fun, Blythe Reid

Three Times the Fun Blythe Reid

Morrigan is still slightly divorced when she decides to go to a nightclub on her Thanksgiving break. She just wants a little fun and a quick romance, but ends up with three men on three different nights – and surely can’t choose without heartbreak. What will she do when she has to face the reality of the situation and make a decision over who wins her heart?

A mix of romance and mystery, these novels will surely give you a Thanksgiving adventure you won’t soon forget. Let us know what reads you will be indulging in this Thanksgiving!

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