There’s nothing quite like sharing a book or a story with someone you know will understand and love it, the same way that you do. This commonality is what inspires book clubs, newsletters, fan sites, blogs, podcasts, and so much more, all centered on reading and writing. But one of the best things about being in a community of people who love books as much as you, are the presents book lovers give to one another.

There’s really no better time than the present to get ahead on your holiday shopping. Here’s a list of 2017’s best gift ideas for the readers and writers in your life!

Literary Quote Tote Bag 

Image courtesy of BookfulAnitaDesigns at Etsy

Okay, we can all say it: books are heavy. But for some reason, we still carry around two or three at a time, on top of all the regular things we’re carrying around. So, the perfect essential gift for any book lover is a good bag! We recommend one of these cute tote bags from Etsy, with a great quote on the side – if you can’t see a quote you’re looking for, the great thing about a site like Etsy is that sometimes you can do custom orders!


Banned Books Mug 

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Okay, this mug is seriously cool (yes, that was definitely a pun about hot beverages). With the names of previously banned books on the side, each title becomes revealed as the beverage in the mug heats up. Not only does it work like magic, but it has a great appreciation for the books over the years that were considered too controversial. Plus, the weather is pretty cold out these days – who doesn’t enjoy a hot cup of something while they’re reading?



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In the digital age of cell phones, tablets, kindles, iPads, and laptops, sometimes, the best gift is one of the most simplest ones: a good journal. Writing in a journal has some great benefits – besides making your handwriting better, you’ll become a better writer. From writing down your weekly grocery list, and the name of that song you keep forgetting on the radio, to documenting the moments in life you can’t bear to forget, and that letter you’ve been meaning to write for a while; a journal is the perfect gift for everyone. Check out this leather bound one, or this one with the Nancy Pearl quote.

Fountain Pens

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This one is great to give along with a journal, which is why we put it next on the list. While everyone else is texting and typing, cursive writing is becoming something of a list art, which is a shame as it’s so incredibly beautiful. Good fountain pens aren’t too expensive, and they’re stunning instruments. Plus, if you’re a fan of Jane Austen, you can pretend that your shopping list is an epic love letter for the ages. A great gift for all ages, take a look at this one from Parker.

Floating Bookshelves

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Before you start thinking I have no idea what I’m talking about, hear me out: I don’t know about you, but for me, one of the biggest problem with owning books is that you don’t have anywhere to put all of them. Even bookcases can be hard to fit, because not everyone has enough room for an entire bookcase. That’s also exactly why floating bookshelves are perfect! They look amazing (seriously, can you say magic?), they’re practical, and they’re not too expensive. Check out these ones from Urban Outfitters.


Mini Candles and Gilded Books Matchbox Set 

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I know, I know: why not just one big candle? Because for one, mini candles are portable, which means you can take them all around the world with you. Second, everyone has a memory attached to a scent, so why not create a great memory attached to a candle? Get two, and have one scent to get you in the mindset for writing, and another relaxed for reading. We love the ones from TokyoMilk, which not only smell amazing, but look stunning.

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For every candle, there must be something to light it with; and we recommend these matches. With five boxes of matches, each one comes in a different book – there’s Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Harriet Beacher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and Oscar Wilde’s Salome, among others. Not only are they cute, they’re practical.


Wrapped Pencils 

Image courtesy of bouncingballcreation at Etsy

These pencils are BEAUTIFULEach one is wrapped with pages from a beloved book – while there may be a ton of Harry Potter options, may I humbly recommend the ones from Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale? Either way, whatever your preference, take a look at the site on Etsy. Every pencil is wrapped by hand, and comes in their own fabric pouch for careful organization. This is a great gift for every reader and writer.


Literary Soaps 

Image courtesy of thesoaplibrarian at Etsy

Yeah, we thought this was weird at first too, but wait, because it’s actually amazing. First off, each bar of soap is made of natural ingredients, they’re all vegan, and scented with natural oils. They’re also shaped like books, and the scent changes depending on which book-soap (or soap-book?) you buy. Frankenstein is a lovely green shade, with a lovely lemongrass green tea scent; Sherlock Holmes has a black tea scent, and looks the shade of a good strong cuppa. My personal favorite has got to be Alice in Wonderland, though, which has beautiful, rich pink color, and a sparkling rose tea scent. Find them now on Etsy!

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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When I write, I like to write with my favorite music in the background. Not only does it put me in the mindset to write, but it also blocks out all the background noise around me. So, for the writer in your life, why not buy them a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones? They’re exactly the kind of thing they definitely want, but can’t justify it to themselves to buy, thus making it the perfect gift to give. They can get relatively expensive, but with all the great sales of the season coming up, be sure to check out Best Buy or Target for the deals they’ll doubtlessly have going on.

Ink Bottles 

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The ink bottles from Brown Paper and Vinegar are gorgeous, and useful in all sorts of ways. Even if you’re not a writer, just from one glance you can already tell that the writer in your life would love to have one of these beautiful etched ink bottles. We particularly love the “stories yet to be written” bottle, as well as the “use your ink well” etched bottle. These ship from the UK, so the last day for international orders is December 1st.


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