Grady Hendrix always leaves us wanting more with his compelling take on the horror genre, but he really outdoes himself with his novel, My Best Friend’s Exorcism. This is one you won’t be able to put down, even when you’re on the edge of your seat in fear or wishing you weren’t crying from its dramatic flair!

My Best Friend's Exorcism Grady HendrixAbby and Gretchen have been friends ever since fourth grade in the early 80s, when nobody showed up for Abby’s birthday party. She wasn’t sure what it was – from the quiet way she held herself, to the lost look in her eyes, to the children’s bible she gave her for her present – but there was something different about Gretchen, and it was the start of a beautiful friendship. But as we know, not all things beautiful are meant to last.

When Abby and Gretchen are skinny-dipping at their best friend Margaret’s house, Gretchen dives into the water but never comes up – becoming lost for hours and stressing out her best friend, who wants nothing other than to hold her best friend in her arms. Abby discovers her in a decrepit building on the property, a burial ground as legend goes, and their shared world is suddenly turned upside down and their friendship comes into question as Gretchen’s life suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Her appearances are not keeping up, she doesn’t seem to be enjoying the same things she always has, and her demeanor has become quite… evil.

As the truth comes out and Abby faces the fact that her friend is not who she said she is and that she is truly the only one who understands this revelation, some unnerving and astonishing events unfold – from a baby’s body stolen from a lab, to an attempted suicide, to an exorcism with a hilarious and unforgettable character named Chris Lemon – and you won’t be able to put this one down.

Grady Hendrix somehow takes classic horror we all know and love, and combines it with hilarity and intense detail that will leave you hanging onto every word. My Best Friend’s Exorcism is a true tale of friendship that tests boundaries and breaks our hearts along the way, in some ways that you may be able to relate to if you, too, have a best friend that you cherish.


Grady Hendrix’s first novel, Horrorstör, an illustrated story about a haunted IKEA, was named by NPR as one of the best books of 2014. He is also the author of My Best Friend’s Exorcism and the beloved Paperbacks from Hell. A diehard horror fiction fan, he lives in New York City.


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