Writer’s Bone Podcast: Hap and Leonard Creator Joe R. Lansdale Explains the Art of Showing Up

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Writer’s Bone Podcast brings readers up close and personal with some of their favorite authors. Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy sit with author Joe R. Lansdale and discuss the ‘art of showing up.’

Joe R. Lansdale, Hap and Leonard creator and author of Rusty Puppy and Cold in July, makes his Writer’s Bone podcast debut!

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Lansdale talks to Sean Tuohy about how East Texas influences his work, not always realizing the “ah ha” moments when they happen, and why half the battle for writers is showing up.

To learn more about Joe R. Lansdale, visit his official website, like his Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter @joelansdale. Also read Sean’s first interview with the author.


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After meeting at a Halloween Party in 2013, Sean Tuohy met Daniel Ford put their heads together and came up with a podcast they would use to discuss books and some of their other favorite things. They initially called the podcast “2 Gentleman Writers,” then “Hemingway’s Love Children.” They eventually settled on Writer’s Bone. Daniel and Sean are in the middle of something very big and wonderful. Through Writer’s Bone, they feature author interviews, present works of fiction, and Boneyard discussions along the way.

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