It’s that time of year again when ghosts, goblins and witches are prepping for the favorite night of the year! Yes, I’m talking about Halloween; the one night of the year when you can get as crazy as you want with face paint, makeup and clothing all to transform into the alter ego you’ve been dying to let out. This year, BookTrib got in on the makeup tutorial action and created two of our own looks, thanks to the insanely talented Jacqueline Belade from Touch of Color Makeup Studio in Shelton, CT. For our first look, we created a Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art character from the comic books. Follow these easy steps outlined in the videos and you’ll be the talk of your Halloween bash this year.



Our second look is straight out of The Walking Dead. Zombies are hot, hot, hot right now and there’s nothing better than adding a little blood and gore to your Halloween look. With the help of a few of the products outlined in the video below, you can easily create this Walking Dead look.


We hope you liked these tutorials! And in case you want more, we’ve picked out three of our favorite tutorials from well-known vloggers so check them out below. Happy Halloweening!

Further Watching:

White Walker Tutorial from Batalash Beauty

Samantha Ravndahl of Batalash Beauty is one of the internet’s most popular beauty bloggers for her sense of humor and her awesome makeup skills. She’s done many costume and Halloween tutorials, like Maleficent, a shattered statue and a Blood Elf from World of Warcraft, but one of her best for this Halloween is the tutorial to make you look like a White Walker from HBO’s Game of Thrones, adapted from George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. Freak out all your friends with frozen undead spookiness!

Black History: 1960s Black Panther Makeup from Jackie Aina

While this isn’t technically a Halloween makeup tutorial, beauty blogger Jackie Aina’s Black History makeup series is fantastic. She’s produced tutorials decade-by-decade, and of famous African American women in history, and they’re all flawless and educational. Her Black Panther tutorial is a favorite, mainly for the lovely, natural way Jackie wears her hair. It’s a seriously badass costume idea, that’s relatively natural if you don’t want to go character crazy this year!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s from Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan has been in the YouTube beauty tutorial game from the very beginning, and has used her makeup channel to start her own business and make mega bucks. She’s made tons of character and Halloween-themed makeup tutorials, some of the best of which are her Daenerys Targaryen look, her Zombie Barbie look and her super-famous Lady Gaga tutorial. However, this Halloween, if you’re looking for something vintage and classy, check out her Breakfast at Tiffany’s tutorial.