#TGIM: Ten Good Reasons Why Mondays Rock

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No one likes Mondays, and honestly, we get it: Mondays are the first day after the weekend where you have to really be up early to go to work, or school. You just feel tired all day long, and no amount of coffee is ever going to wake you up. And yeah, typically, most good stuff in life doesn’t happen on a Monday. But that doesn’t mean that all Mondays are bad – it just means we have to look a little bit harder to see why Mondays rock. So, get ready to #TGIM, because while we get why you don’t like Mondays, we have ten excellent reason why you should.

1. Mondays are a brand new week! They’re the ultimate reset button. No matter what happened last week or over the weekend, Monday is your chance to refresh and rebalance. 

2. Mondays are another day to be amazing at work. Living for the weekend is no way to live, so hopefully you love what you do. Go in to work with the attitude that yeah, you are good at this, and you’re going to continue to be good at this. While everyone else is falling asleep in their coffee mugs, you could be getting stuff done.

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3. Ever heard that Monday is a state of mind? Try changing the meaning of Monday to something else besides “I want to go back to sleep.” You might be surprised at how much more productive you feel.

4. Mondays are all about tough love. It’s the ultimate challenge to get through the day, and make it to the other side. 

5. Be the revel you always wished you were: while everyone around you is having a terrible Monday, try having a great one instead.

6. Mondays don’t set out to be bad, we just look at them as bad because they’re the beginning of the week. But as the first day of the week, they’re also the first day in a week that’s going to bring you brand new things.

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7. Mondays are great, because if you can get handle whatever Monday has in store for you feeling as tired as you do right now, you know you can handle whatever the rest of the week has for you.

8. Mondays remind you to be healthy! One of the biggest health problems we have is that we’re not getting enough sleep at night. We could all do with more sleep, but no matter how man reminders we have, we still don’t listen. Remember that Monday morning feeling when you’re thinking that it’s time responsible adult people go to bed – you might find yourself actually getting a good night’s sleep!

9. Mondays are a day for mistakes. If you’re going to make a mistake (and let’s be real, mistakes happen all the time), make it on a Monday, because that way, you have the rest of the week to fix it, instead of worrying all weekend that by the time Monday rolls around, that mistake will be irreversible. 

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10. Appreciate Mondays because they don’t get enough love. We’re all very vocal about the fact that we don’t like Monday, but that is not Monday’s fault. It’s not doing anything wrong, we’re just hating on it. Appreciate your Mondays!


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Rachel Fogle De Souza was born and raised in Connecticut, and traveled extensively throughout Europe, parts of Asia, and the United States, before attending college at the University of California, Davis, where she received a B.A. in Comparative Literature, with a double minor in Women, Gender and Sexualities studies, and Middle Eastern/South Asian studies. When she's not writing, she's reading, boxing, or thinking about traveling.

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