Writer’s Bone Podcast: “Stranglers” Host Portland Helmich Talks Podcasts and More

Image Courtesy of Crime Feed

Writer’s Bone Podcast is hosted by Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy. Each discussion presents a writer who gives insight into the craft of writing.

In today’s episode, Daniel Ford speaks with Portland Helmich, host of the “Stranglers” podcast as well as a producer, writer, and actor. She talks about her upcoming appearance at PRX Podcast Garage in Allston, Massachusetts on November 1 with “Stranglers” executive producer Susan Gray. You also don’t want to miss her take on pitching a podcast with sex and spirituality, producing a documentary on John F. Kennedy’s final major speech at Amherst, and writing a short film about George Washington and the Newburgh Conspiracy for the U.S. Army Museum.

Portland Helmech is an accomplished TV Host, Producer, and more whose work has appeared on PBS, Veria Living TV, Oxygen, the Hallmark Channel, and more. She has a general media background as well as a TV and radio speciality in health, natural health and wellness, alternative healing practices, and personal growth. To learn more about her, you can visit her official website or follow her on Twitter.


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