The Hot List: Jeffrey Eugenides’ Fresh Complaint and The Best New Book Releases for This Week

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Every week, Booktrib brings you The Hot List: the list of brand new releases you won’t want to miss. With some of the most poignant biographies, fascinating mysteries, funny, touching, and introspective fiction, there’s something for everyone to find here. For the first week of October, these are the hottest new releases.

Fresh Complaint: Stories, Jeffrey Eugenides

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From critically-acclaimed author Jeffrey Eugenides, who won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction with his novel, Middlesex, comes a collection of short stories, each one exploring the rich and intriguing facets of human nature, romance, family ties, and the concept of fulfillment. Eugenides’ eloquent writing style, as well as his complex plot lines grab the reader from the beginning of the first page. Previous fans of Eugenides, as well as those just reading his work for the first time will love this collection of short stories.

Winter Solstice (Winter Street series), Elin Hilderbrand

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The last book in the Winter series, Hilderbrand gives us one last chance to say goodbye to the Quinn family. With the lives of each member of the family starting to really move forward, things are starting to look up for the Quinn family. But it’s been far too long since they’ve been able to celebrate the holidays under the same roof, and this year, they’ve decided to really make an effort to come together. That being said, it wouldn’t be the same Quinn family, if thing actually went smoothly. Sharp and evocative, this last book is a perfect ending to the series.

Stolen Marriage: A Novel, Diane Chamberlain

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Set in 1944, Tess is twenty-three, pregnant, and scared. Trying to do what she feels is the right choice, she gives up her career as a nurse, ends her engagement to the love of her life, and moves to the small town of Hickory, North Carolina, where she turns to the father of her child for help. But her new husband, Henry, is keeping secrets, and the rest of the town sees her as an outsider. Things start going wrong when the town’s golden girl dies, and they’re hit by a polio epidemic. With fingers pointing at Tess, she must find the strength to help the people around her, while figuring out the dark mystery of what her husband is keeping from her.

Everything Must Go: A NovelJenny Fran Davis

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Written through text messages, emails, journal entries, letters, and more, Everything Must Go is an interesting and introspective book. Flora Goldwasser is in love with one Elijah Huck, her older history tutor, and when he mentions that he’s going to be teaching at the hippie Quaker school he once attended, Flora decides to leave her Manhattan prep school, and follow him out there. But when Elijah doesn’t show up, Flora is forced to make the most of it, learning more about herself and the people around her, even if she feels like a complete fish-out-of-water.

Recovery: Freedom from Our AddictionsRussell Brand

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Surprisingly direct and to-the-point, yet still guaranteed to make you laugh with every turn of the page, Russell Brand’s latest book is a fantastic and interesting read. Having first-hand experience with the 12-step addiction programs, Brand takes on recovery, addiction, and life with his usual witticism. An incredibly personal account, Brand shares his experiences and his thoughts – but it’s his poignant insights that readers will find most interesting.

Also released this week was Dan Brown’s Origin, heralding the return of his beloved character Robert Langdon; critically-acclaimed poet Rupi Kaur’s second release, The Sun and Her Flowersand Pulitzer prize winning author Jennifer Egan’s novel, Manhattan Beach.

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