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For the past few years, Disney has been turning our favorite classic stories into live-action films.  These revivals remind us that sometimes, kids movies aren’t just for kids. In theaters this holiday season is Disney Pixar’s Coco, a beautifully animated film that takes place in Mexico. Lucky for us, the companion book Coco: A Story about Music, Shoes, and Family, has been released for us, as well!

Twelve-year old Miguel Rivera just wants to be a famous musician, like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz, the most famous musician and film star in Mexico’s history. But Miguel’s family has a generation-old ban on music, and tell him to focus on the shoe-making shop that family runs, instead. A desperate attempt to prove his musical talent, and a mysterious chain of events lead to Miguel ending up in the Land of the Dead, where he must unravel the secrets of his family history. But while Miguel is on his extraordinary journey, he must make sure he doesn’t become trapped in the Land of the Dead forever.

Bright, vivid, and beautiful, this book is for all ages. Diana López is a wonderful and creative writer, and the love she has for this book shines through clearly in her writing. Not just about family, dreams, and music, this lovely and inspiring story is a celebration of Mexico, its history, and the beauty of the culture. If the book is this good, we can’t wait for the movie – and be sure to check out BookTrib’s giveaway of Coco: A Story about Music, Shoes, and Family!

Coco: A Story about Music, Shoes, and Family is available for purchase now.

Disney*Pixar’s ‘Coco’ will be released in theaters nationwide on November 22nd, 2017.

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Diana López is the author of the adult novella, Sofia’s Saints and the middle grade novels, Confetti GirlChokeAsk My Mood Ring How I Feel, and Nothing Up My Sleeve. Diana lives in Victoria, Texas where she teaches creative writing at the University of Houston-Victoria. She also assists with the magazine Huizache and works as the managing director of CentroVictoria, an organization that promotes Latino literature and art.


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