#BestSisterEver: 20 Reasons Why Sisters are the Best Thing Since the Internet

The Bush twins’ new book, Sisters First, was released today.  That got me to thinking: I have two sisters; my mother has two sisters; and my grandmother has a sister. We are a family of sisters an it’s really the best thing I could think to be— a sister! Today’s #TuesdayThoughts are about sisters. Sisters are your first friends, your most honest critics and when you can’t find the right thing in your closet to wear, always seem to have just what you need. Here’s 20 reasons why sisters are the best thing since the internet:

  1. You can fight with them one day; the next you’re back to being the best of friends.

  2. They are the only people who know what it was like growing up with your parents.

  3. They’ve known you better than anyone.

  4. You can commit a fashion faux pas and they will still be seen with you in public (only after you change your clothes).

  5. You don’t have to explain your embarrassing relatives to them.

  6. Sasha and Malia Obama. Image courtesy of PopSugar.

    You can be the embarrassing relative in front of them.

  7. You can borrow their clothes.

  8. You can borrow their shoes.

  9. You can borrow the parts of their personalities that aren’t like yours when necessary.

  10. They know your guilty pleasures and love you anyway.

  11. They tell you about yourself when you don’t want them to, and usually they are right.

  12. They will tell you if your boyfriend is ugly and don’t care if you like it or not.

  13. Emily and Zooey Deschanel. Image courtesy of Pintrest.

    They know how to make you laugh even when you don’t want to.

  14. They know how to make you laugh at yourself.

  15. They’re awesome aunts to your children.

  16. You share childhood memories.

  17. Twenty-five years after you used white-out on the eyes of her Tupac poster during a marathon argument, your sister will still bring it up every time a Tupac song comes on— and the two of you still laugh about it! (Yes, I did this to my youngest sister, Najla).

  18. Thirty years after you cut her hair and your child decided to play hairdresser and cut her own off, your sister will help yo

    Sisters Selfie!: (L-R): Raja, Najla (bottom), and Me, April 2016

    ur daughter cope because she knows the trauma. (Yes, I did that to my middle sister, Raja).

  19. You always had built-in playmates to play “Barbie’s” with for hours!

  20. They’re always there for you!


Yes, sisters are amazing, but the #BestSisterEver are mine! Tell us why your sisters are amazing whether they be the ones with whom you share parents or friends you consider sisters.


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