Illuminating Choices and Mysterious Strangers in This Week’s AuthorBuzz

Dear Reader, this week’s AuthorBuzz selections are …….


Dear Readers,

Three decades ago, I wrote a fairy tale about a kingdom where women weren’t allowed to read. Years later, the story returned to me and transformed into a trilogy that can be read in any order. The Plague Diaries, Book 3, is the story of Secret Riven, fated to release a plague to end an ancient pestilence. This novel, and the trilogy, illuminates the power of our choices, the scars they leave, and the wounds they heal. I’m giving away five books.

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Dear Readers,

When Robin Matheson’s husband is killed in Afghanistan, her three-year-old latches on to her husband’s best friend, Cyril— a 500-pound hacker who didn’t even bother to attend the funeral.

Cyril is obnoxious, but Robin is forced to acknowledge he’s the one person who truly understands the magnitude of her loss. 

He also knows far more about her husband’s death than he’s been letting on.

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