The Hot List: This Week’s Hottest New Releases!

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Every week, look for BookTrib to bring you a list of the hottest new releases everyone will be talking about. This week science-fiction, masterful horror, and thrilling mysteries lead the pack. There’s something for everyone!

The Second Sister, Claire Kendal

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Ten years ago, Ella’s sister Miranda went missing without a trace, and as each year has gone by, Ella has started looking more and more like the beloved sister she’s lost. Now the same age that Miranda was when she disappeared, Ella’s only being held together by her job as a self-defense expert helping victims, and her sister’s ten-year-old son. Ella is positive that someone took Miranda, and that Jason Thorne, a sadistic serial killer behind bars in a psychiatric hospital, is the key to finding out what really happened. Despite police warning, and her parents’ disapproval, Ella will do anything to find the truth behind the disappearance of Miranda.

The Copenhagen Affair, Amulya Malladi

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Sanya has always been the perfect wife – but following a breakdown, it’s her husband’s turn to support her. His suggestion is temporarily moving to Copenhagen, where he has a business deal to close, and figures that a change of pace and scenery will be good for Sanya. Agreeing to the plan, Sanya goes from hiding under her duvet, to interacting with the upscale high society in Copenhagen, where she meets the attractive Anders Ravn, who just so happens to own the company that Sanya’s husband wants to buy. When whispers of white-collar crime start to appear, in addition to learning of her husband’s infidelity, Anders starts looking better and better. In the midst of gorgeous scenery and fine food, Sanya has a difficult choice to make, that will effect not only her life, but the lives around her.

The Woman Who Smashed CodesJason Fagone

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One of the most moving biographies to come out in a long time, The Woman Who Smashed Codes tells the life story of Elizebeth Friedman née Smith, who, along with her husband, became one of the most prominent codebreakers in the world. Covering her life from the Great War to the Cold War, Elizebeth Friedman was invaluable as a codebreaker – she helped catch smugglers, exposed Nazi spy rings, and fought against Hitler’s Reich by cracking the communications of German operatives. More important than ever in this digital age, her biography is endlessly inspiring.

Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate HoursDavid Mack

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Based on the series that just debuted on CBS All Access, this one is a hallmark of the classic Star Trek series. Lieutenant Michael Burnham, a human woman raised by Vulcans, has just been promoted to acting first officer onboard the Starship Shenzhou. But keep the job, she has to prove to Captain Philippa Georgiou that she has what it takes – and she gets her chance when the Shenzhou is assigned to protect a Federation colony that’s under attack from an ancient alien ship. As the threat becomes stronger, Starfleet decides that the colony is expendable, in lieu of stopping the threat. Determined to save the lives of the colony, Burnham must infiltrate the enemy ship; but she can only do so by seeking help from a man she has been sworn to avoid.

Also released this week is Sleeping Beauties, a thrilling new horror book from Stephen and Owen King, and Kate Moretti’s The Blackbird Season: A Novel from Kate Moretti which will be reviewed by the Tall Poppies this Thursday.

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