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The Hot List: This Week’s Smoking New Releases

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We all love a good book, but a good book is even better when it is so hot, you can’t put it down! This week we present our new Tuesday feature, The Hot List, a list of brand new releases that anyone who is anyone will be reading and talking about! Stay in the know as we share these smoking, hot new releases with you each week.  This week’s list includes new books in a variety of genres, from sci-fi to romance, to musical memoirs and even the latest adult coloring books sure to help you connect with you inner child and release some stress.  We guarantee, there is something here everyone will want to read.


Drawn to Him: A Romance Collection

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From authors like Isabella Starling, Jade West, and L.J. Shen, comes a brand new collection of the most enticing romance stories. Eight new novellas means eight new stories of romance and heat – from sweet and emotional, to dark and intense, there’s something for everybody to find in this surprising and hot collection.

Mystery and Suspense

The Scarred Woman (A Department Q Novel)Jussi Adler-Olsen

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A woman’s body is found, the case taking on eerie similarities to a cold case over a decade; across town, young women are being hunted down. While at first glance the two have nothing to do with each other, the question still arises for Detective Carl Mørck, and his team in Department Q, Copenhagen’s cold case division. Pressure to deliver results – and quickly- is starting to rise, and knowing that if they fail to do so, Department Q will be shut down, doesn’t help. On top of this, Rose, a member of Mørck’s team, is still suffering from a breakdown at the reemergence of her past, where a dark crime may have been committed in her childhood. The latest book in the Department Q series, The Scarred Woman follows Detective Carl Mørck and his team in what might be their toughest case yet.

Literary Fiction

The Ninth Hour: A NovelAlice McDermott

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On a bleak, winter afternoon, a young Irish immigrant commits suicide by opening the gas taps, leaving behind his wife, Annie, and their unborn child. Eventually taken in by the nuns at the convent, the lives of Annie and her daughter Sally are forever entwined with those of the nuns. Deep in the center of Catholic Brooklyn in the early 1990s, superstition, shame, and belief are all present, and while the suicide is never spoken of, it reverberates throughout the community, impacting lives like a ripple, one at a time.

Science Fiction

Autonomous: A NovelAnnalee Newitz

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Earth, 2144. Jack, more-or-less a pharmaceutical pirate with her own submarine, creates cheap versions of prescriptions for people who can’t afford them. But her latest prescription leaves a string of dead bodies behind her, as people end up getting addicted to working, until they become exhausted, and die. Chasing her down is Detective Eliasz and his robot partner Paladin. In a race to stop information of the origins of Jack’s drug from getting out, the question arises: is it possible to actually be free, in a world where everything, including people, are capable of being owned?

Young Adult

Speak Easy, Speak Love, Mckelle George

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In this not-quite-so-modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, the lives of six teenagers tangle together one summer. New York in the 1920s, and Beatrice has just been kicked out of boarding school, going down to her uncle’s estate in Long Island, which ends up being more than just a run-down mansion: Beatrice’s cousin is running a speak easy in the basement, one that might not last the summer. Together with a poor man trying to prove his worth, a member of the local mob, a trust fund baby trying to be a writer, and a beautiful singer, they try to save the speakeasy. Butting heads along the way and battling with rapier sharp wit, the hedonism and flare of the 1920s, new feminism, and the beginning of the literary age are all displayed in style.


The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, Gucci Mane, with Neil Martinez-Belkin

Image courtesy of amazon.com

One of hip-hop’s best known artists, for the first time we get the story of Gucci Mane in his own words, which he started writing from inside a federal maximum security prison. Starting from his childhood in Alabama, the book follows him from drug dealer, to becoming a successful rap artist. Speaking about everything from his own drug addiction, to his prison sentences, the violence and murder charge, the candor that he writes with has created an exceptional look back on his dark past.

Coloring Books

Tiffany Glass Coloring BookJessica Palmer, The New York Historical Society

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Inspired by the tiffany lamps of the New York Historical Society, this coloring book is both beautiful and creative. With at minimum one dragonfly appearing in each of the sixty-five pages, the designs of the lamps are intricate, detailed, and delicate, even when translated to page. Each page is just begging to be filled in with a multitude of color.


Rachel Fogle De Souza was born and raised in Connecticut, and traveled extensively throughout Europe, parts of Asia, and the United States, before attending college at the University of California, Davis, where she received a B.A. in Comparative Literature, with a double minor in Women, Gender and Sexualities studies, and Middle Eastern/South Asian studies. When she's not writing, she's reading, boxing, or thinking about traveling.

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