Full disclosure. I love Cathy Lamb’s books and No Place I’d Rather Be is no exception. Her writing is so warm, funny and real. Real people, real problems, solved in real ways. I mean, what’s not to like? Oh, wait, that’s not enough for you? Okay fine, this book has a six-foot-four love interest and recipes that hold the answers to secrets long held by an earlier generation. If that’s not enough for you then maybe you need a little Vegas baby.

It’s true, No Place I’d Rather Be is not Vegas. In my mind, it’s better because this book is totally worth the money. It’s set in Montana where cookbooks with backstory are hidden in attics for women with big questions looking to find answers. It is filled with mothers, daughters and so many big personalities that it snaps and crackles with great dialogue and fun. It’s got food burned in oven’s, scorched on stoves and a try-and-try again attitude on every page.

If you are interested in history unspooled through understanding the women and food that bound them together, this is the story for you. Cathy Lamb has a pitch perfect ear for how people speak to each other both inside their heads and at the top of the lungs. I loved this book and I hope you too will find time to follow the main character Olivia Martindale through a journey from peril to safety with a little help from her friends and a recipe book.


Cathy Lamb drinks too much coffee and daydreams endlessly. That’s how she writes her books. She is the author of many novels, including this year’s No Place I’d Rather Be.