‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Premiered on FOX: Re-live it with Our Reads for Rosa

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With her dark hair and pink highlights, she’s mysterious, secretive, and highly intelligent. Last night, Rosa Diaz and the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned to FOX. After last season’s twisting finale that no one saw coming, we’re all looking forward to seeing what Jake and Rosa will be up to! Despite the predicament that they find themselves in now, we’re sure it will be every bit as hilarious as the previous seasons. Season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to Fox on September 26th.

Played for four seasons now by Stephanie Beatriz, Rosa is not only the toughest on the show, but notoriously hard to read. While we do know some things about her (she really likes the movie Robocop, and believes everyone should have their own axe), she likes to keep her cards close to the chest – and just like her ballerina and gymnastics past, her bookshelf is filled with the unexpected.

Red DragonThomas Harris

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Before Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs, came Will Graham, in Red Dragon. The much-forgotten first book in the series, this novel is the debut of cannibal ex-psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter, and provides a lot of backstory that only makes the rest of the series more fascinating. Ex-FBI profiler Will Graham is back in the game to catch a serial killer known as “The Tooth Fairy.” But in order to catch him, Graham has to understand him, and the only way to do that is to get the help of one Hannibal Lecter. We’re pretty that Rosa could take the case on with her usual cool, which is why it’s definitely sitting on her bookshelf.

Rosemary’s Baby, Ira Levin

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To be honest, we’re not quite sure if Rosa would read this as the creepy horror novel it is, or if she would be reading it for fun, but either way, there’s no way it’s not on her bookshelf. When she and her husband move into an old apartment in New York City, Rosemary Woodhouse starts feeling more than a little trepidatious over the nosy neighbors and the ominous reputation of the building. When Rosemary becomes pregnant, her neighbors start becoming particularly invested in her welfare… and none of that even begins to explain the weird noises, the isolation, and the increasing sense that something isn’t right.

Welcome to Night Vale: A NovelJoseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor

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Clearly, Rosa listens to Welcome to Night Vale. The bizarre events, Cecil’s voice, and the constant feeling of being under threat from mysterious beings means that the podcast falls directly in line with her interests. When Jackie Fierro is given a note marked “King City,” she gains a lot of problems, including the one where the note won’t physically leave her hand. At the same time, Diane Crayton’s son Josh, who is really moody and also a shapeshifter, looks different each time Diane sees him, and he’s started asking more questions about his father, who left years before. When Diance starts seeing her estranger husband everywhere, her search for answers collides with Jackie’s, the mysterious “King City” holding the key for both of them.

Fight Club, Chuck Palahnuik

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Let’s be honest: Rosa would probably enjoy this more than she should. Filled with dark humor, violence, and the reputation of being a cult classic, there’s no way she doesn’t have this one. For the narrator, suffering from insomnia and stuck in a dead-end job he hates, everything changes when he meets Tyler Durden, who makes soap with…dubious ingredients. Following Tyler asking the narrator to hit him as hard as he can, they start an underground fight club in parking lots and bar basements as an extreme form of therapy. But things start to go wildly off the rails when Tyler’s anarchist views start becoming more prominent.

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