A story of new beginnings in old places – with baggage. Unwanted baggage.

The Future She Left Behind Marin ThomasKatelyn ran from her small-town roots as soon as she could. Don was everything she wanted: ambitious, caring, safe. After nineteen years, the kids have left for college, and she’s just beginning to realize her life has been on autopilot when her husband serves her divorce papers.

She decides to go home to Little Springs Texas to visit her mother and regroup. Through a series of mishaps and misinformation, she ends up having to take her mother-in-law with her. She’s a doozy: uppity, opinionated and memory-challenged. And she doesn’t think much of her son’s wife, either.

Everything in Little Springs is the same, so maybe its Katelyn who’s changed, because she begins to see things differently and to challenge the conclusions she drew all those years ago. Jackson Mendoza, her high school boyfriend, is yet another challenge.

A wonderful story of redemption and second chances. Thomas balances emotion and humor in a winding tale you’ll settle right into.

I really enjoyed this book!


Marin Thomas is an award-winning author of over forty romance novels for Harlequin Books and Tule Publishing Group as well as her own Indie titles. She also writes romantic women’s fiction for Berkley Books. Marin grew up in Janesville, Wisconsin, where she was inducted into the Janesville Sports Hall of Fame for being the city’s first female athlete to receive a Division I basketball scholarship. Marin played basketball at the University of Missouri in Columbia for two years before transferring to the University of Arizona, where she played center for the Lady Wildcats from 1983 to 1986. During her time at Arizona, Marin was an Academic All-American and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in radio-television. After graduation, she married her college sweetheart in a five-minute ceremony at the historic Little Chapel of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marin and her husband are recent empty nesters and currently live in Phoenix, Arizona, where she spends her free time junk hunting and researching ghost tours.


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