Your Next TV Obsession: PBS’ ‘The Great American Read’

BookTrib is partnering with Early Bird Books to bring you more great content, including this article on the latest and greatest television series on PBS: “The Great American Read.”

In an announcement that set our bookish hearts a-flutter, PBS revealed the latest addition to their television line-up: “The Great American Read.” Slated to air throughout the summer of 2018, the show will explore our beloved literary treasures (as chosen, in part, by a committee of literary professionals) as it leads a nationwide search for America’s favorite read. In other words: it’s the bookworm’s answer to the Super Bowl.

Credit to James Jeffrey/Flickr (CC)

Kicking things off is a two-hour premiere that will feature notable figures—from famous literati and Hollywood stars to newscasters and sports icons—as they champion the titles that have shaped them as readers. Viewers will then vote for their favorite book, via social media, until the eight-episode season reveals America’s “Best-Loved Book” in the September finale.

“The time is right for this nationwide reading initiative that will encourage conversations and complementary activities in communities across the country,” PBS said earlier this week. “We can’t wait to see what America chooses!”

And honestly—we can’t either.

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