Depending on your generation, you may have different views on what millennials are today. What are their spending habits? How do (or don’t) they keep it all in check? If you are like most millennials, struggling to figure out what exactly “financial planning” is and how you can do it without being overwhelmed, this book is for you.

David RosellKeep Climbing David Rosell makes difficult financial concepts easy to understand in his new book Keep Climbing: A Millennial’s Guide To Financial Planning. Rosell believes that millennials, with their spending habits and lack of thought for retirement, are setting themselves up for financial disaster.

Millennials have more power than ever before. They are bigger than any other generation, more diversified and have more influence on spending. Basically, millennials are a big deal. This means that their financial future matters more than ever. If this sounds scary so far, don’t sweat it. Rosell makes his book easy to read and understand. It’s not boring either. It’s chock-full of fun little stories from his travels and financial advice.

This book is broken up into eleven chapters talking about overcoming six financial risks, how to avoid temptation, creating a well-crafted financial plan, and much more! Rosell makes something as obscure and difficult to understand into something tangible and useful. So, to my fellow millennials reading this, go buy the book. We promise it’s a good investment.


David Rosell is a retirement guide, wealth manager, traveler, author, outdoor enthusiast, and father of two. He believes that financial planning takes a specific foundation and uses his knowledge to reach readers. He is also the acclaimed author of Failure is Not an Option and continues to inspire everyday citizens through his speaking and advice.


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