John Grisham’s Book Tour Continues with Charlie Lovett

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John Grisham has invited book lovers and writers alike to listen to his podcast, ‘Book Tour with John Grisham’. So far he has made stops along the way, speaking with some of our favorite authors and more in bookstores across the U.S. In his second stop, he spoke with Ann Patchett, and today we are invited to his third stop in the tour, where he speaks with Charlie Lovett.

The Lost Book of the Grail Charlie LovettThis week he enters his seventh stop with Charlie Lovett at Bookmarks, in Winston-Salem, NC. They talk about fundraising in the area, the history of books, and what he’s currently working on in regards to new projects! Charlie Lovett is known as a writer, teacher, and playwright whose plays have been seen in 3,000 productions worldwide. For over 10 years, he has been serving as a writer-in-residence at Summit School in Winston-Salem. Lovett has been collecting books since he was younger (specifically Lewis Carroll) and actually served as the President of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, as well as editor of the Lewis Carroll Review. One of his most prized novels is his own The Lost Book of the Grail

In Book Tour with John Grisham, we hear not only the latest and greatest regarding the bookselling of many authors, but also information on the latest and upcoming publishing Hollywood talk, the writing life of many of your favorite authors, and some fun interaction from listeners as well. In future episodes, John will visit with a variety of authors and big figures in publishing such as Harlan Coben, Janet Maslin of the New York Times, Clyde Egerton, Lisa Scottoline and so many more! The podcasts are recorded at a variety of stores like R.J. Julia, Quail Ridge, Malaprop’s, Square Books, Lemuria, and Politics & Prose. Join him for the latest in bookselling, publishing, Hollywood, the writing life, and so much fun interaction with the audience.

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