Writer’s Bone Podcast Interviews Best-Selling Author Michael Connelly

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In 2013, Sean Tuohy came to Daniel Ford with an idea some years after a meeting at a Halloween party where they hit it off immediately.  Daniel saw Sean in his Clark Kent costume and professed his love of Superman and a friendship was born. Though their podcast wasn’t officially started that night, they talked about their favorite things like writing, screenwriting, books, movies, comedy, and comic books.

Not long after the groundwork was laid for the podcast, all they needed was a name. They developed many in the process: from 2 Gentleman Writers and Hemingway’s Love Children, to Scotch & Scribes and finally… Writer’s Bone! Daniel and Sean feel that they are in the middle of something very big and wonderful, featuring new author interviews, fiction pieces, and Boneyard discussions along the way.

BookTrib.com met Sean and Daniel recently and invited them to share Writer’s Bone with our readers.

The first podcast on BookTrib.com is with crime fiction master Michael Connelly, author of The Late Show, who sat down with Sean Tuohy to talk about the inspiration for his new character Detective Renée Ballard, how he keeps Harry Bosch fresh, and what drives him to keep inventing new characters and high quality narratives. Michael Connelly has gained fame for his detective crime novels as well as other crime fiction.

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