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DIY MFA Episode 156: Interview with Courtney Maum, Author of Touch

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In this episode of DIY MFA, Gabriela Pereira interviews author Courtney Maum about her novel, Touch. Courtney’s novel is a satirical, but moving story, that shines a light on the overuse of electronics in our world and how a shift toward in-person interaction is needed to reboot and preserve our intuition. In this interview, Courtney gives insight into how she crafted a strange, yet believable world, in Touch and how we can preserve our creativity and intuition with a shift toward in-person interaction in our own lives. For  detailed show notes, visit: DIYMFA.com/156

Here’s a secret no one ever tells you. The typical MFA (Master of Fine Arts) boils down to one simple formula:

Writing + Reading + Community = MFA

This means that to create a do-it-yourself version of the MFA, all you need to do is: write with focus, read with purpose, and build your community. Read on to learn more or use the menu above to explore each category. We’ve also highlighted some key DIY MFA articles below to help you get started.

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Gabriela Pereira earned her MFA from The New School, in New York. While undercover as a graduate student, she learned the inside scoop on MFA programs, invented a slew of writing tools all her own, and developed a new, more effective way for writers to learn their craft. Now she wants to share this discovery and help writers around the world get the “knowledge without the college.” She is represented by Jeff Kleinman at Folio Literary Management and her book about DIY MFA was published in spring 2016 from Writer’s Digest Books.

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