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The Nasty Women Project, a compilation of stories written by regular women from each state across the USA, highlights human rights and the struggles women face today.

Join us on our BookTrib Facebook page Monday, June 12, 8-9 p.m. EST to ask questions meet some of the Nasty Women Project creators and participants in this worthwhile project!

the nasty women project facebookThe recent presidential election caused quite a stir in the American people. Emotions ran high and opinions ran deep causing people to voice their thoughts, fight for their rights and take a the nasty women projectstand. When our freedoms are challenged many of us step up to the plate. The Nasty Women Project: Voices from the Resistance, is just that.

Following the election, Erin Passons, the editor of Nasty Women Project, was consumed with stories on social media of discrimination, upset and outrage.

At the end of November, Passons read an article about the possibility for the GOP to have a chance to defund Planned Parenthood. She posted a link to the article and wrote “We should put our stories in a book and donate the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.” She “called for submissions from women of all 50 states with all different backgrounds. Women of color. Women from the LGBTQ community. Single mothers and mothers of children with special needs. Domestic abuse survivors and survivors of sexual trauma.” She was inundated with messages from women all across the country. Regular women telling their story.

The book is divided up by stories from the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, etc. Each woman has a different voice, a different upbringing, a different background, a different challenge. They share their varied disappointments, fears and struggles yet collectively the stories exude strength, courage and hope for the future.

According to the Nasty Women Project website:

The 2016 United States Presidential Election is the center of our story but not where our narratives start or end.
The Nasty Women Book Project follows a diverse group of women sharing their tales of the election as a catalyst.
An impetus to connect with one another and use our most genuine voices.
To look closely at our world.
To learn from our past and apply it to our future.
Our appreciation of each equal’s individuality and our will to stand in solidarity.
These are our stories of new and continued activism.
Our stories of discord and unity.
Of divides and bridges.
Of pain and empowerment and anger and solace and resistance.
Stories of American women.
Nasty Women

Planned Parenthood, a worthy cause to Passons and many others, is “a step in women’s rights”. PP represents choice. “And choice doesn’t mean abortion; it means choice…(including) access to breast exams, birth control and basic health services.”
The Nasty Women Project is about “giving women the opportunity to share their voices, and by doing so, encouraging other women to do the same.” And 100% of book proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

Please join us on our BookTrib Facebook page Monday, June 12, 8-9 p.m. EST to ask questions meet some of the creators and participants in this worthwhile project!

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