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Join the ‘Digital Girls’ Tribe and Get These Edgy New Looks for Summer

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Spring and summer fashion so often means florals and pastels, delicate dresses and flared skirts. And there’s nothing like dressing in those tried-and-true summer ways. But sometimes we want to break outside of the box a bit, experimenting with fashion that pushes the boundaries of both the season and our own comfort levels. That’s when we turn to our favorite online fashion bloggers for inspiration. Enter Digital Girls.

Digital Girls fashion marko macphersonFrom street-wear to couture, fashion bloggers are setting the trends these days, inspiring readers and fashion lovers everywhere. In their new book, Digital Girls: Fashion’s New Tribe (Rizzoli Books, April 11, 2017), photographer and author Marko Macpherson and a team of writers and designers highlight just how influential bloggers have become in the world of fashion. Not only are bloggers sitting in the front rows of Fashion Week, but they’re also starting to influence the clothes themselves, pairing with big brands to bring their unique sense of fashion to thousands and thousands of readers all over the world.

Digital Girls dives deep into this new cultural phenomenon, showcasing the bloggers who have become mainstays on both the web and the world of fashion. The book offers in-depth interviews, as well as high quality photos of the bloggers behind notable sites like The Man Repeller and The Blond Salad. If you love fashion, and you’re looking for a little inspiration in your life, then this is the book for you.

In honor of Digital Girls, here are five of our favorite fashion blogs and their hottest (and daring!) looks for spring:

Gabi Fresh

gabi fresh digital girls

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A few years ago, blogger Gabi Gregg introduced the world to the “fatkini” and we’ve never looked back. Not only is she an outspoken advocate for the body positivity movement, she’s also a style icon, pairing feminine silhouettes with street-style edge. One day she’s rocking lace and flower crowns, and the next she’s in leather and ripped jeans. Her looks for summer reflect her unique blend of style, showcasing floaty fabrics, daring accessories and (of course) her signature bikini.


atlantic-pacific digital girls

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Before she started Atlantic-Pacific, Blair Eadie was a former Gap merchandiser. As a blogger, she certainly highlights that kind of wearable everyday fashion – with a glamorous twist. Not only does Atlantic-Pacific always have gorgeously shot images, but Eadie’s feminine style feels both old-world and ultra-modern. Her spring outfits air on the side of florals, bright colors and maxi dresses that seem almost weightless.

Lust for Life

lust for life digital girls

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The Los Angeles-based Olivia Lopez seems like the quintessential California girl: laidback, relaxed and as comfortable in blue jeans as she is in high fashion. She brings that calming quality to Lust for Life, where her outfits veer from chic and sleek to down-to-earth and simple. For those of us wondering how to dress up jeans and simple dresses this season,  Lopez is the perfect place to find inspiration.

My Fash Diary

My Fash Diary digital girls

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My Fash Diary’s Tala Samman brings an international flare to the blogging world – not only did she study fashion in London, but she grew up in Dubai (where she currently blogs from). Her style reflects her worldly sensibilities: even in blue jeans she looks put together and poised. Her blog has interviews, recipes, beauty tips, and fashion, but if you want to see her current looks for spring, make sure to head over to her Instagram, where you’ll find out how to style high-end skirts with tennis shoes, or how to pull off amazing sunglasses that are almost larger than your face.


Doule3xposure digital girls

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On the simpler side of things, check out Double3exposure, started by student Reese Blutstein. Her blog is all about straight silhouettes, neutral colors, and how to make the most out of what’s already in your closet. If you’re into minimalism and ’90s influences, then Double3exposure should definitely be your fashion home base. This spring, Blutstein is wearing funky sunglasses, high-waisted pants, and lots of cold-shoulder tops.

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