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Things are shaking up in the world of Doctor Who. Not only is longtime showrunner Steven Moffat walking away after this year, but Peter Capaldi – aka, the Twelfth Doctor – recently announced that he’ll be leaving at the end of the year as well. Capaldi will stay with the show through the latest series, which starts airing on BBC One in April. His final appearance will be the 2017 Christmas Special, with the Doctor regenerating at some point during the episode. Check out the new trailer!

There’s been a lot of speculation about who will replace Capaldi to become the official Thirteenth Doctor. Ben Whishaw is a frontrunner, as is comedic actor Richard Ayoade. Even Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, hasn’t ruled out the possibility of reprising his role. But the speculation we’re most excited about is the idea that the Doctor might finally (finally!!) be a woman. While new showrunner Chris Chibnall recently said that he doesn’t want the casting to turn into a gimmick, it still seems like a female Doctor is a strong possibility. And the name getting mentioned the most? Tilda Swinton.

We honestly can’t even imagine a better fit for the Doctor. Swinton has proven her acting chops over the years, and her roles have been eclectic and sometimes zany, making it clear that she’d nail the madcap, odd, rambling brilliance that is the Doctor. And since every actor brings something different to the role, we can only imagine how Swinton’s female Doctor would light up the screen.

So while nothing is set in stone yet, we have our fingers (and toes!) crossed for Swinton to step into the lead. Or, if it’s not Swinton, then another awesome female actress who will breathe some new life into the character. While we impatiently wait for the casting announcement, here are four Doctor Who-themed books to tide you over before the Tenth season premieres on April 15 on BBC One:

Doctor Who: The Companion’s Companion, BBC (BBC Children’s Books, April 6, 2017)

doctor who the companion's companionThe companions are the bedrock of Doctor Who, providing us with a relatable character to keep things grounded as we speed through space and time. This official BBC guide is ‘written’ by Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), the most recent companion, and it dives deep into the ins-and-outs of the Doctor Who cannon. Read up on everything a companion might need to know, from how to tell your family about the Doctor to all the different creatures you’ll meet along the way. With a female Doctor, we can only imagine who the new companion will eventually be (though we’re super excited about Pearl Mackie!), but we’re sure they’ll find this guide helpful.

Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook, Joanna Farrow (Harper Design, November 15, 2016)

doctor who cookbookWhen you hear Doctor Who, you don’t necessarily think of cooking (alien cuisine? Fish fingers and custard?), but Farrow has compiled a bunch of recipes that are sure to appeal to the timey-wimey fan in all of us. Don’t worry – you won’t actually be eating alien foods. But you will be able to make Ood Rolls, Cyberman Pie and Weeping Angel Food Cake. Inspired by all the lore and characters any Whovian loves, this cookbook is a must-have. Just think of how awesome your next Doctor Who viewing party will be.

Doctor Who: Whographica, Steve O’Brien, Simon Guerrier & Ben Morris (Harper Design, February 7, 2017)

doctor who whographicaAwesome graphics and Doctor Who get combined in this in-depth guide. The three authors break down the history of the entire show using infographs and bright, colorful graphics to explore the Whovian universe. Giving us unique info on companions, the Doctors and their enemies, this guide includes things like: a family tree for the Doctor (at least what we know of it!), a history of the Daleks and much more. Any longtime fan of Doctor Who will love this bright and inventive guide, and newbies will find this to be a great intro into the complex world of the Doctor.

Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales, Justin Richards and David Wardle (BBC Children’s Books, November 26, 2015)

doctor who time lord fairy talesThis collection of Doctor Who-related fairy tales came out in 2015, but it’s such a good read that we had to include it on our list. Steven Moffat definitely brought out a fairy tale-like vibe in the iconic show (part of the reason we’ll be sad to see him go!), and this collection dives deep into that fable mentality. Imagined as bedtime stories for Time Lords, these fairy tales might sound familiar – but with a Doctor Who-style twist. Expect dark turns, Doctor fairy godmothers, and the kind of twisted storytelling that will appeal to any Whovian out there.

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