A few months ago, we brought you 15 fantasy novels by female authors that are just electrifying the genre. Since then, even more female-written fantasies have — or are about to! — hit bookshelves, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Here are the best of the best: 11 more fantasy novels by female authors that are definite must-reads:

The Fate of the Tearling: Queen of the Tearling, Book 3, Erika Johansen (Harper, November 29, 2016)

fate of the tearling fantasy novels

Johansen wraps up her successful Queen of Tearling series with the final installment of Kelsea Glynn’s story after she ascends to the throne. But Tear is still in turmoil, and it’s up to the strong leader to save her realm and her people.

Closer to the Chest: The Herald Spy, Book 3, Mercedes Lackey (DAW, October 4, 2016)

closer to the chest fantasy novels

Lackey returns to her beloved Valdemar with the latest installment in her Herald Spy series. Closer to the Chest is all about cults and the potential destructive quality of religion as Herald Mags and his wife Amy investigate just what is happening in the dark shadows of their world.

Three Dark Crowns, Kendare Blake (HarperTeen, September 20, 2016)

three dark crowns fantasy novels

Sisters are fighting sisters in Blake’s young adult fantasy about the island of Fennbirn and magical triplets — one of whom is destined to take the throne. But since only one girl can be queen, they’ll fight each other to the death for power in this brutal, imaginative tale.

Den of Wolves: Blackthorn & Grim, Book 3, Juliet Marillier (Roc, November 1, 2016)

den of wolves fantasy novels

If mystery novels and fantasy had a baby, it might look like Marillier’s Blackthorn and Grim series. In this latest adventure, Blackthorn and Grim deal with old enemies, even as they find themselves helping to take care of a young girl whose life is more mysterious than it first seems.

Frost Like Night: Snow Like Ashes, Book 3, Sara Raasch (Balzer+Bray, September 20, 2016)

frost like night fantasy novels

The conclusion to Raasch’s young adult fantasy series finds our heroes and heroines facing their final battles in order to stop Angra and save the world of Primoria once and for all.

Caraval, Stephanie Garber (Flatiron Books, January 31, 2017)

caraval fantasy novels

Scarlett and her sister Tella are determined to see the show Caraval at least once before Scarlett is forcibly married off by their father. Taking place over five nights, Caraval involves the audience in a hands-on performance where nothing is truly real, though the consequences are high. When the sisters finally make it to the show, they realize that the line between fantasy and reality is more deadly and confusing than they ever could have imagined.

Cast in Flight: Chronicles of Elantra, Book 12, Michelle Sagara (MIRA, October 25, 2016)

cast in flight fantasy novels

Sagara’s Chronicles of Elantra series is 12 books and counting, which is definitely awesome for fans of her epic fantasy world. This time Kaylin Neya finds herself caught up in protecting her new roommate, Sergeant Moran Carafel, a flightless Aerian who tons of people seem to want dead.

Of Fire and Stars, Audrey Coulthurst (Balzer + Bray, November 22, 2016)

of fire and stars fantasy novels

Princess Dennaleia has always known her fate: to marry the prince of Mynaria. But when she meets his sister Aaranthine and the two girls grow closer and closer, their feelings threaten to change that fate forever.

Breath of Fire: Kingmaker Chronicles, Book 2, Amanda Bouchet (SourceBooks Casablanca, January 3, 2017)

breath of fire fantasy novels

The second book in Bouchet’s Kingmaker Chronicles continues the story of warrior queen Cat Fisa, who’s determined to save those she loves from the terrible destiny that she knows is coming. And that includes Griffin, the warlord who fought to break down her self-protective walls in the first book in the series.

Wintersong, S. Jae-Jones (A Thomas Dunne Book for St. Martin’s Griffin, February 7, 2017)

wintersong fantasy novels

When Liesl’s sister is stolen by goblins, she sets out to find her, traveling to the Underground and confronting the Goblin King — a mysterious, handsome creature who’s searching for his bride.

Feversong, Karen Marie Moning (Delacorte Press, January 17, 2017)

feversong fantasy novels

Feversong is the 10th and final book Moning’s extremely popular Fever series. Fans who have been following the series for years will finally discover the fate of MacKayla Lane and Jericho Barrons as they fight to save Dublin — as well as Mac’s soul.