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On Slaught - David Poyer

David Poyer Dear Reader,
The most explosive novel yet in the bestselling Dan Lenson series, ONSLAUGHT unfolds a frightening scenario of how a global war with China could unfold. The U.S. Navy struggles to hold Taiwan, Korea, and Japan against a massive Chinese offensive. The prize: domination of Asia and the Western Pacific. This latest novel in Poyer’s longrunning series of military thrillers received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly. I’m giving away five copies of the hardcover first edition. Write to [email protected] to win!


Egg Drop - Laura Childs

Gerry Schmitt Lara ChildsDear Reader,
When Suzanne Dietz, proprietor of the Cackleberry Club Café, stops by Mike Mullen’s dairy farm to pick up wheels of cheese, she’s greeted by the urgent, upturned faces of cows that haven’t been milked – as well as Mike’s mangled body! Stunned by her grisly discovery, Suzanne vows to find out who killed this mild-mannered farmer. Juggling multiple suspects, a busy restaurant, tea parties, and a raucous Halloween celebration, Suzanne maintains her good humor and keeps her romance with the town doctor sizzling. In the tradition of all my previous New York Times bestselling cozies, I won’t let you down when it comes to heart-warming humor, a breathless pace, and homespun recipes!

Laura Childs


Riding High

Stacy FinzDear Reader,
Sharing the ranch doesn’t mean Flynn and Gia have to get along, but riding together isn’t the problem. It’s the scorching chemistry they can’t ignore. And if they figure out a way to add trust to the mix, they’ll soon be sharing more than just a ranch . . .

Email [email protected] with the subject “Riding High” for a chance to win one of five digital copies!


Bad Road to Nowhere

Linda LaddDear Reader,
When Mariah Murray tells Will Novak she wants to rescue a childhood friend, Novak can’t turn her down. But she’s hiding something and the pretty little town she’s targeted screams trouble, too. Novak knows there’s a trap waiting. But until he springs it, there’s no telling who to trust…

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