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Dear Reader,

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Prophet of Loss

Kenny Weible Dear Reader,

Celia’s family is hardworking and industrious, but that isn’t enough. When Celia’s father suffers an injury and is unable to work, the family begins to crack. Celia’s mother loses her job soon afterward.

In an effort to cope, Celia’s parents become more active in their church, led by the charismatic young preacher Barrett Higgins. They become enthralled with his warnings of the Second Coming of Christ and an upcoming revolution against the secular world. When the family loses their house, they move onto Barrett’s compound. There, in the heart of a growing and powerful cult, Celia begins to realize the horrible truth behind the pastor’s teachings.

Enjoy the novel Kirkus Reviews says “deftly unpacks the cunning charm of the cult leader,” and calls a “striking account of religious opportunism.”

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Kennedy Weible

Love and Iced Tea

Leslie FineganDear Reader:
In late August Eiji Takezo is driving across the United States on back roads when his car breaks down. He suddenly finds himself stranded in rural Cedar Springs, Oklahoma. There he meets a strange cast of characters who take him in, befriend him, and reorder his life before he can blink. None of these is more interesting than Blair Don Mason and he is instantly in love. When he learns she feels the same way, he decides to stay but how long can love last in the face of bigotry?
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Leslie Finegan


Just Try To Stop Me

Gregg OlsenDear Reader,

I’ve always wondered why it is that people do the unthinkable. That’s what’s driven most of my writing in fiction and nonfiction. What is it about a perfect baby that morphs him or her into a monster?

I know that you’re just like me. We can’t stop looking away as we try to figure out what it is that led a perpetrator to kill. Greed? Lust? There’s always something there.

JUST TRY TO STOP ME pits notorious serial killer Brenda Nevins on the run and looking for revenge. Brenda is a classic narcissist. The world is hers, not ours. She’s hatched a deadly plan that will maximize the pain she wishes for others while increasing her infamy.

This is the fifth in the USA Today bestselling series of thrillers set her in my home state of Washington. Rainy. Gloomy. Deadly. A perfect place for a storm called Brenda.

Email me at [email protected] to win one of five signed copies.

Gregg Olsen
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