The Gilmore Girls revival is here!!! — and OMG I can barely contain myself. I can’t even remember the last time I was this excited about anything, ever. As a longtime fan of the show, it feels like my inner-teen girl is about to burst out of my skin, start singing that Carole King theme song, gorge on junk food and twirl in ridiculous circles.

Called A Year in the Life, the Netflix reboot consists of four 90-minute episodes that follow our favorite mother and daughter team for each season of a year as they navigate their lives. It’s been nine years since we last saw the Gilmores and friends, and I can’t wait to see how all of their lives have changed, or hit a rough patch, or stayed mostly the same. Here’s the trailer, for those who haven’t already watched it about 100,000 times:


I’m trying to be calm about all this, but clearly I have lost all chill. I’ve been eating, breathing, thinking, and generally obsessing over all things Gilmore since I knew this was actually happening. And on that note, I have a few demands to make of the reboot. These are the eight things that absolutely, no questions asked, NEED to happen in the four new episodes:

  1. RORY AND JESS TOGETHER AND HAPPY (and maybe getting married and making babies and stuff!!)

Look, I don’t think I’m asking too much. All I’m saying is that Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) better end up together or else I’m setting my TV on fire. Too dramatic? Have you seen these two together? The chemistry! The adorable wordplay! While Jess might not have been the best choice for Rory when she was in high school, he more than redeemed himself as the series went on. By the end, he’s a published author who’s accomplishing his dreams and is clearly still in love with Rory. Why she chose Logan over him, I’ll never understand. In the reboot I expect them to be sucking face for at least 2-3 episodes. OK? OK. #TeamJessForLife

  1. Cute Mother Daughter Scenes

It goes without saying that we’ll get a lot of awesome Rory and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) moments in the reboot, but I’m saying it anyway: I want a lot of awesome Rory and Lorelai moments. When the two were estranged for a while in season 5, nothing made sense in the world. They belong together, way more than they belong with any guy. I can’t wait to see them sitting on the couch again, drinking way too much coffee and talking way too fast about every tiny detail of their lives.

  1. Sassy Lorelai and Luke Banter

Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai are my everything. A couple of the trailers vaguely make it seem like they might be having problems in the reboot and I won’t stand for it! At least not for long. I need Lorelai and Luke to be in harmony, hanging out in his diner, with Lorelai talking his ear off and Luke grumbling away about everything. They’ve always had the best chemistry – gruff and sweet and charming – and I would like a few hundred scenes of them just happily bantering back and forth, please.

  1. All the Junk Food

Eat Like a Gilmore 9781510717343One of the cruelest fantasies of the show isn’t that Lorelai and Rory have such an unattainable mother/daughter relationship; it’s that they only eat garbage but somehow manage to never gain any weight. But it’s certainly fun to watch them stuff their faces, and so I’d love to watch them eating themselves sick throughout this reboot (as well as drinking all the coffee). I might even eat along with them – or try to at least – which is why I’m planning on picking up a copy of Kristi Carlson and Bonnie Matthews’ unofficial Gilmore Girls cookbook, called Eat Like a Gilmore. The book is filled with Gilmore-style recipes, including meals inspired by Friday Night dinners (salmon puffs!), Luke’s Diner menu (pumpkin pancakes!) and the Gilmore love of junk food (rocky road cookies!). Sounds so delicious, but also like maybe I’ll end up in hospital before I can finish all the episodes.


  1. Emily Gilmore Being Hilarious

I think we can all agree that Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop) is pretty much the best part of this show, which is why I’m going to need a lot of airtime with her. After watching the new trailer, one of my friends said, “I’m so happy that they’re finally acknowledging Emily as a Gilmore Girl.” It’s maybe the best point anyone has ever made about anything. Despite familial ups and downs, Emily has always been a Gilmore Girl, and now it looks like she’s even more a part of the fold. Clearly, she’s going through a lot in the reboot with the death of her husband (the actor, Edward Herrmann, died in 2014), but I trust Emily to still be hilarious, snarky and to think a 30-foot painting of Richard is completely appropriate for the living room.

  1. The Best Friend Squad Front & Center

 Rory and Lorelai have a pretty healthy group of friends around them, particularly their besties: Sookie, Paris and Lane. All three actresses are coming back for the show (Melissa McCarthy, Liza Weil and Keiko Agena), despite some of their very obvious fame. All I can say is: YAY! One of the best parts of Gilmore Girls has always been the strong circle of women who support each other, rely on each other and are just generally awesome. I’m so excited to see Sookie cooking again, to watch Lane’s band perform, and to hear Paris’ cunning put-downs. I adore these three, so I’m definitely going to need a lot of best friend time in the new episodes.

  1. Clear Resolutions For Dean and Logan

I was so happy to hear that Jared Padalecki (Dean) and Matt Czuchry (Logan) would be returning for the reboot; I loved both their characters and they deserve to have completed storylines. I’m hoping that Dean is married again with a kid or two and a mortgage and PTA meetings and a job he loves. And Logan can be the head of some company, dating lots of women, living in a city and only drinking really expensive scotch.

But see how I said resolutions and not happy endings with Rory? That’s a very important point. While I wish these two all the happiness, I DO NOT wish to see them with Rory again. So let’s remember why we’re all here and try not to get distracted by Dean and Logan’s handsome faces. Jess has a handsome face, too. (One that better be attached to Rory’s for most of the show!)

  1. No Revisiting the Horrible Storylines

While Gilmore Girls was mostly awesome during the years, there were a few dud storylines. In particular, the quickie Christopher marriage and Luke-gets-a-secret-daughter-out-of-nowhere. It was so painful watching Lorelai and Luke implode in seasons 6 and 7, especially since the reasons were attached to such ridiculous storylines. Luckily, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is back for the reboot (after leaving the series for season 7), and I trust her to give us what we want and need. Which means no Christopher (David Sutcliffe) or Luke’s daughter April (Vanessa Marano) [Editor’s Note: it was announced that April will be making an appearing in Stars Hollow — sorry for the bad news, Rachel!] showing up! I’m fine with casual mentions, but that’s about all I can handle. Let’s focus on what matters: the quippiest mother/daughter team around, and happy endings for everyone.

And by happy endings, I obviously mean Rory and Jess together (remember what I said about having no chill?!). Don’t disappoint me, reboot! Now excuse me while I go binge for the next six hours straight!

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